No Man’s Sky PSA: Don’t Install Patch 1.03 For an Easier Platinum


Bad news for trophy hunters, the Day One patch for No Man’s Sky actually changes the requirements for two gold trophies, making those status challenges much harder than in the pre-patch version of the game. If you’re hungry for Platinum and don’t want to deal with Extreme planet conditions or alien uploads, avoid patching and earn those two trophies despite the game-breaking bugs and crashes.

Patch 1.03, which was available on the same day as release, fixes a number of issues and adds tons of new features to the sandbox survival space sim. Basically, it’s a must-download upgrade, and developers at Hello Games (the indie creators behind No Man’s Sky) say more free updates are on the way.

Which status medals were altered? ‘Uploaded Discoveries’ and ‘Longest Lifespan’ are now exponentially more difficult to rank up post-patch. Learn all the details in the complete explanation below.

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PSA: Don’t Install Patch 1.03 For an Easier Platinum

If you want to earn the gold ‘Galapagos’ or ‘The Sentinel’ trophies, you might consider playing an unpatched version of No Man’s Sky. Why? Here’s why; Patch 1.03 changes the status requirements of both of these trophies.

  • Galapagos Gold Trophy:
    • Pre-1.03 Patch Requirement: Upload 60 discoveries.
    • Post-1.03 Patch Requirement: Upload 60 ‘Planet Zoology’ discoveries.
      • Ranking up in ‘Planet Zoology’ requires that you scan and upload all alien lifeforms on a single planet. Instead of 60 alien scans, you’ll need to upload 60 planet’s worth of alien scans.

Originally, the ‘Uploaded Discoveries’ status ranked up once you uploaded a single alien discovery to an Atlas beacon. After the patch, you’ll need to hunt down every alien specimen on a single planet to rank up. There are usually a range of aliens on a planet, 8~ or so.

With the patched version, you’re looking at 480~ alien discoveries instead of just 60.

  • The Sentinel Gold Trophy:
    • Pre-1.03 Patch Requirement: Survive 32 cumulative Sols
    • Post-1.03 Patch Requirement: Survive 32 cumulative Sols under Extreme Conditions
      • Ranking up in ‘Extreme Survival’ requires that you survive on planets with the ‘Extreme’ warning on your HUD when you land.
      • A ‘sol’ is a single day / night cycle, or 24 minutes in-game. Instead of surviving on planets for 12-13 hours, you now must survive on ‘Extreme’ planets for 12-13 hours total.

Even dangerous planets don’t get the ‘Extreme’ warning. These planets are the worst-of-the-worst, and drain your Life Support and Shields on an Exosuit like crazy. You’ll have to constantly recharge, even with an upgraded suit. Extreme conditions are the worst available, and surviving for 15 minutes is a hassle.

Before the patch, you could earn this gold trophy naturally (and easily) just by exploring every planet you come across. Now you’ll have to stock-up on supplies before attempting to brave the insane conditions of an Extreme planet. 32 sols translates to about 12-13 hours, don’t forget. That’s brutal.


How to Revert NMS on PS4 to Version 1.00

WARNING: Only the physical blu-ray version of No Man’s Sky on PS4 can be reverted to Version 1.00. This method will not work for digital copies — digital copies automatically download with the latest patch. 

To remove patches and return to Version 1.00 on PS4, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings -> System Storage Management -> Applications
  2. Scroll down to No Man’s Sky
  3. Press [Options] and select Delete
  4. Confirm to delete the installed version of No Man’s Sky.
  5. Now, place the No Man’s Sky disc back into the PS4.
    • It will install. Wait for the installation to complete.
  6. While installing, the patch will begin downloading. Access your downloads to pause and delete the patch.
    • The 1.03 patch is huge. You should have plenty of time to access the downloads menu on your PS4 and remove it.

You now have a fresh Version 1.00 install on your PS4. Reinstalling will not delete your save game. Keep in mind, you’ll want to start a new save file for Version 1.00, and a separate new save file for Version 1.03 if you choose to install the patch later.

Pros vs. Cons 

Before attempting any of this, here are some reasons why you might want to revert back to Version 1.00, and lots of reasons why that isn’t such a good idea. It’s important to understand what you’re getting into.

  • Pros:
    • Unlocking the “Galapagos” or “The Sentinel” Gold Trophy is much, much easier.
  • Cons:
    • Version 1.00 save files are incompatible with Version 1.03 (or future update) save files. If you play Version 1.00 and want to patch, you’ll need to start a new file from scratch.
    • Version 1.00 features tons of game-breaking bugs and crashes on PS4. Save often!
    • Version 1.00 loses all the features of 1.03, including farming and other quality-of-life content updates.
    • Any progress made in Version 1.03 will not count toward trophies in Version 1.00 — you have to start a new save file.

If you’re willing to deal with the cons just to make life much, much easier for Platinum, then go right ahead and reinstall No Man’s Sky. Goodluck out there, explorer.

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