No Man’s Sky: Earn Millions of Units With These Easy Farming Tricks


Trading with alien factions is a big part of No Man’s Sky, and there’s always a use for more cash. If you’re in search for a get-rich-quick scheme and want a fat supply of units on-hand for a rainy day, we’ve got one method you’ll want to try out.

Money in No Man’s Sky takes the form of universal “units” — these units can be traded with any NPC merchant in the universe. Use units to purchase new ships, new upgrades, or just keep a fresh stock of resources to recharge that Exosuit when exploring inhospitable alien worlds. Units are always going to be useful, and you can practically earn a lifetime supply in an hour or less with this particular unit farming trick.

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Unit Farming Guide

Method #1: Trade Commodities (3.5 Million+ Per Hour)

NOTE: Bring extra Warp Cells and upgrade your Exosuit to carry plenty of inventory. The more inventory space you’ve got, the faster you can earn units.

The first method is all about taking advantage of trade commodities. When at a Trading Post or in a Space Station, use the Trade Terminal and scan the items for a gold star icon. Items with the star icon are considered an especially valuable commodity. The terminal will pay high prices for these commodities if you sell.

  • Items marked with a gold star sell for twice (2x) as much as regular, non-star items.

You can find just about any item marked with this star, but for this guide, we’re focusing on Dynamic Resonators. Why Dynamic Resonators?

  • To farm units using commodity trading and Dynamic Resonators, you’ll need to find the item available for sale from other traders. Buy low and sell high.
  • Most traders carry a large amount of Dynamic Resonators, making this particular item a strong candidate for commodity trading.

Here’s what you’ll want to find to prepare.

  • Go to a Space Station with Dynamic Resonators marked with a gold star.
  • Try to find a Space Station with a short runway. Long runway space stations will have fewer traders.

Once you find this, it’s time to start farming for easy cash.

Step-by-Step – Commodity Trading

  1. Find a Space Station with a short runway in the landing area, and Dynamic Resonators marked with a gold star at the Trader terminal.
    • A short runway is not required. As long as there are traders, you can still buy / sell. But, the shorter runway will provide more traders — so faster buying / selling.
  2. Wait on the runway and watch for traders to land. When they do, purchase Dynamic Resonators — purchase as many as you can carry.
    • Each trader usually carries 1-4 Dynamic Resonators.
    • The resonators cost about 34,000~ units each.
    • If the Dynamic Resonator is a commodity, they can be sold for about 57,000~ units each.
    • That’s a profit of 23,000~ units per item.
  3. Continue to buy Dynamic Resonators from traders as they arrive in the hangar, then dash to the terminal and sell the items for a profit.
  4. You can do this indefinitely! All from the safety of a single Space Station, with no need to search for resources or travel.

This might just be the easiest way to earn an unlimited supply of units. If you’re looking for a more terrestrial method, check out the secondary scheme below.


Method #2: Bypass Chip Farming (1.5 Million+ Per Hour)

NOTE: Upgrade your Exosuit before getting started! The more inventory space you have, the faster you’ll earn units.

This farming guide is all about collecting and crafting to create Bypass Chips. Here’s what you’ll want to find to get started:

  • A small (one landing pad) Trading Post.
  • Plentiful Iron resources nearby.
  • Plentiful Plutonium resources nearby.

Every planet contains plutonium, the tricky part is discovering a planet with a small Trading Post and plenty of Iron deposits nearby. The closer this resource is located to the Trading Post, the less time required to earn tons of units. Plutonium is very common, so shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you’ve found a location just like that, it’s time to start grinding for cash.

Step-by-Step – Unit Farming

NOTE: If you’re attacked by Sentinels, return to the Trading Post and wait inside until your Wanted Level decreases.

  1. Find a planet with a small Trading Post and abundant Iron resources.
  2. Clear your Exosuit inventory and collect as much Iron / Plutonium as you can carry.
  3. Mine as much of both resources as you can. Try to keep an even amount of both.
  4. Craft Bypass Chips.
    • Bypass Chips require 10 Iron and 10 Plutonium to craft.
    • Bypass Chips are sold for 3,500 units each.
  5. Return to the Trading Post and start selling Bypass Chips.
    • 100 Bypass Chips only require 1,000 Iron and 1,000 Plutonium
    • 100 Bypass Chips sell for 350,000 units.

This can be a slow process — Bypass Chips take up one inventory space per item — but it’s an easy way for explorers of any level to earn a limitless supply of chips… if you’re willing to grind for about an hour, crafting and then selling chips.

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