10 Most OP Multiplayer Weapons Ever Made | Overpowered Guns List

Multiplayer games thrive on balance — without the right balance, all those cool characters and extra guns the developers spent years building can go to waste. But even after months of testing, sometimes completely broken, ridiculously overpowered weapons are still unleashed on an unsuspecting world. These tools of destruction are both a boon and a curse; hated by noobs, loved by griefers.

But there’s something alluring about a broken weapon. Breaking a game’s carefully curated design is one of gaming’s greatest pleasures, and that’s what makes these completely overpowered guns great. Sure, it’s annoying to be on the receiving end, but that’s all part of the fun. It’s only a game — and these terribly unbalanced guns made our lives miserable until we unlocked them ourselves.

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Phlogistinator & Kritzkrieg Combo [Team Fortress 2]

This absurd combo is the end of even the strongest defense. Technically, this isn’t one weapon — this is two weapons, with two players working together. Both of these guns are completely ridiculous, but combine their powers and they become the bane of any TF2 player’s existence.

The Phlogistinator is a unique Pyro flamethrower that shoots waves of heat instead of fire. It’s not that impressive — until you charge the ‘Mmph’ meter, then you gain increased critical chance and invulnerability. Add those powers to the Kritzkrieg, which when powered up, grants 100% critical hits to your ally, and you become an unstoppable team. Engineer turrets reduced to rubble in seconds, and Heavies crumble before this gun combo’s insane might.

Of course they were nerfed. Every gun on this list has to be nerfed, or it doesn’t belong anywhere near the OP standard.

Pistol [Halo: Combat Evolved]

Everyone knows how OP the standard Pistol was in Halo: Combat Evolved. It was pinpoint accurate at any range, had a zoom function, and could kill players with just a handful of shots to the dome. Trained multiplayer goons like me religiously trolled friends with just the pistol — just point at the head and click from far range to end any battle. It has no downsides.

That’s why the pistol was dramatically changed in Halo 2. Once an unbeatable magnum with a scope, the pistol became a peashooter in Halo 2 — it had none of the sniper characteristics of the original. That’s probably for the best, but I still kind of miss that original Pistol.

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