10 Most OP Multiplayer Weapons Ever Made | Overpowered Guns List

Any Lightsaber [Star Wars: Battlefront (2015)]

Remember that scene with Darth Vader defeating an entire squad of Rebels in Rogue One? That’s every lightsaber-user in Star Wars: Battlefront (2015). These guys were meant to be ridiculously powerful hero classes, but maybe the developers went a little too far this time. There is a big limitation to these weapons — on the big maps, heroes weren’t so great if you surrounded them with blasters in open fields.

No, the lightsaber doesn’t become truly unstoppable until you’re stuck in a bunker. At close range, lightsabers auto-block almost every laser bolt, and can wipe out an entire squad in seconds. The biggest of the bad boys was Darth Vader, but this entry applies for any of the heroes wielding lightsabers in the modern Battlefront reboot. It isn’t very often that new games are more unbalanced than the old ones.

AWP [Counter-Strike]

The AWP is the Sniper Rifle to end all Sniper Rifles. Like most of the guns on this list, it’s been nerfed over-and-over again — and it’s still absurdly strong. In the beta and early versions of the game, the AWP was an instakill monster with one absurd advantage you’d never find in modern shooters.

Even when you were zoomed out, this gun had a cross-hairs. You could use it like a Battle Rifle in Halo, just popping headshots around corners without even the standard FPS limitations of a Sniper Rifle. That got fixed a long time ago, but for a short time the AWP was basically unbeatable. It was only rivalled by the Desert Eagle Pistol — which was the poor man’s AWP.

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