10 Most OP Multiplayer Weapons Ever Made | Overpowered Guns List

OICW [Ghost Recon]

The OICW is a weapon you’d get kicked for choosing in the original Ghost Recon. If you didn’t grow up in the early 00’s, you probably won’t recognize the completely ubiquitous OICW in video games. This prototype weapon was everywhere, and it distinguished itself with one completely OP feature — an underbarrel grenade launcher with a magazine.

Not only could you zoom in for precision kills, you could also blanket an entire area with deadly explosives. And these explosions were just as powerful as a rocket or frag grenade — enough to kill players in a single hit just from the splash damage. There’s a reason this thing was banned from online matches.

FarSight Rifle [Perfect Dark]

Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark weren’t really made with balance in mind. These early shooters with 4-player splitscreen on the N64 were all about having fun. That’s why you could pick Dual Golden Guns for instakill matches — it’s all just goofy fun. But nobody wants to deal with the FarSight Rifle.

The FarSight Rifle can see through walls, shoot through walls, and lock-on to targets. It’s an aimbot and a wallhack rolled into one gun. At least you could (try) to dodge the Golden Gun. If you’re fighting someone with a FarSight, they can jump camp across the map and kill you before you even know what’s happening. I can’t deny that it is hilarious. This gun is how you end friendships.

That’s our quick list of 10 completely broken guns in multiplayer games — that kind that bring your piss to a boil. There are lots of OP guns we missed. Which ones are the best in your book?