10 Most OP Multiplayer Weapons Ever Made | Overpowered Guns List

Akimbo Model 1887 Shotguns [Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2]

You’d have to reach Level 50 to earn the akimbo Model 1887 Shotguns in Modern Warfare 2, but unlocking these absurdly OP weapons changed the game. Once you get the shotguns, you go from predator to prey.

About 50% of the guns in Modern Warfare 2 are completely broken, but few guns are as broken as the double Model 1887. These sawed-off shotguns can wipe out entire teams at close-range — and they’ve got killing power at long range too. Anyone that’s gone up against a good player using these things know what we’re talking about. I think weapons like this are exactly why the Modern Warfare 2 remaster cut multiplayer content completely.

Vex Mythoclast [Destiny]

For a short time, the Vex Mythoclast ruled Destiny 1 multiplayer. This exotic could kill anyone in 3-4 shots — which is pretty impressive for Destiny. With a few upgrades, the normally slow-to-fire Fusion Rifle becomes unstoppable. You can increase the magazine size to 55, or remove the charge time so you’ll fire instantly. That upgrade in particular turns the Fusion Rifle into an OP Auto Rifle.

This thing got nerfed to oblivion in Destiny 1, relegating it to the dustbin of discarded Destiny 1 exotics. It’s just one of many guns lost to endless balancing patches — only to be replaced with new killers like the Thorn. Eventually, that too will just be a memory as Destiny slowly bleeds all your favorite exotics with nerfs.

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