10 Most OP Multiplayer Weapons Ever Made | Overpowered Guns List

USAS & 12 Gauge Frag Rounds [Battlefield 3]

Here’s a funny weapon combo. In Battlefield 3, players could equip the USAS Shotgun with Frag Rounds — bullets that explode on impact. The automatic properties of the USAS and large magazine capacity made it ridiculously powerful already, but give it Explosive Rounds and it becomes an automatic grenade launcher.

Don’t want to aim? You don’t have to! The explosions do all the work for you. Why bother throwing grenades when you can just shoot explosive rounds around corners to kill players trying to take cover.

And don’t forget about the special suppression system in Battlefield 3. Getting shot at causes a suppression penalty — so you’re not just hurting your opponent, you’re also messing with their aim, and their ability to fight back. It’s a double-whammy of OP.

Gnasher Shotgun & Host Advantage [Gears Of War]

In the old days of Gears of War, the player with the best ping was king. Anyone Hosting a match got a clear advantage in reaction time, and that’s where the Gnasher Shotgun became king. The Gnasher is still a ridiculously strong weapon, and one that hardcore fans live by even in Gears 5 — but back in Gears of War 1, this weapon was on another level.

The Gnasher requires a little finesse, but it’s great for rushing into combat. Getting close and abusing snap-to-cover glitches to speed up your movement in close-range made this weapon a real beast. You can down anyone at range, or just blow them into bloody chunks at point-blanc range. It’s so ridiculous that a new weapon was introduced in later games — the Sawed-Off Shotgun — to safely nerf the Gnasher’s ridiculous close-range damage.

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