20 Best Modern Games You Can Beat In 5 Hours Or Less | Short & Sweet Games List

It feels like modern games just keep getting longer. Not all of us have an infinite supply of free time — and more modern games are just really, really long. Games are so long, there’s a growing backlash against all the bloat. That doesn’t mean there aren’t classic games out right now, but short games can be just as satisfying. If you’re like us, sometimes you’re in the mood for a game you can sit down and complete in a single sitting.

Just to add a little spice to the list, we’re sticking to modern games — so games from the last 20 years or so. If we reach back into the SNES / PS1 era, you’ll find tons of great games that are also extremely short. There’s no shortage of super-short experiences if you know where to look in the modern era, and we’re listing our favorites here.

There are games for every type of gamer — and we’ll also share the most convenient places to purchase these bite-sized magnum opuses. In no particular order, we present 20 great games you can beat in five hours or less.

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Max Payne 2

  • Estimated Time To Beat: 5~ Hours
  • Available To Purchase On: Steam

We’re going old-school for our first pick. Max Payne 2 is infamously half the length of its longer original, but the quick quality of the campaign gives it a drive and immediacy most games lack. It doesn’t hurt that this game is snappier and punchier than the original, with incredibly fun gunplay that never gets old over its abbreviated runtime. You’ll be slow-mo shooting armies of bad guys by the end, dodge-rolling and unloading double uzis in this stylish third-person shooter.


  • Estimated Time To Beat: 3~ Hours
  • Available To Purchase On: Steam

Once a free pack-in with the Orange Box, an expansion to Half-Life 2, Portal is a sensational, hilarious puzzle game pitting your test subject Chell against a villainously funny AI opponent. Using the signature Portal Gun, you’ll navigate mind-bending test chambers in a very quick adventure. If you haven’t played it yet, now’s a good time to give this game a try.


  • Estimated Time To Beat: 3.5~ Hours
  • Available To Purchase On: Steam

Inside doesn’t look like much — it’s a haunted 2D platformer with no dialogue, but plenty of implied plot. Your unnamed boy must travel through a mysterious facility, trying to escape from increasingly strange nightmares. You start dodging men with dogs, before sneaking past killer robots and other unknowable creatures. The less you know about this game the better. The ending is a must-see.


  • Estimated Time To Beat: 2.5~ Hours
  • Available To Purchase On: Steam

A minimalist FPS shooter with an unbeatable gimmick — the world only moves when you do. Trapped in deadly scenarios, each level only takes a few minutes (or even seconds) to complete, but you’ll have to master the slow-mo system to dodge bullets and take out your ultra-lethal attackers. It’s like a puzzle game, but the puzzle is fighting through John Wick action scenes.

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