Red Dead Redemption 2 Actor Talks About Cut Mission

Rockstar Games may be best known for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but it also has a massive following for the Red Dead Redemption series. Recently, the game series received its second installment and it was quite the hefty game for players to go through. You had to set aside a good amount of time to get through this game and if you wanted to complete it, then Red Dead Redemption 2 was going to be quite the behemoth title to wrap up. 

On average, players had to endure fifty hours of gameplay to complete just the main storyline. Being an open world environment with plenty of opportunities to explore and side quests to complete, the likely hood of going over fifty hours is quite high. There’s also the potential to complete the game fully with all the collectibles and missions, you’re looking at nearly two hundred hours of content which again is no small feat. 

Now with so much content in the game, it’s hard to believe that there were missions and situations players could find themselves in completely cut. In fact, it was reported in the past that there were several hours cut from the game as is. One of the missions that were cut was brought up in an interview between GameSpot, Roger Clark, and Benjamin Byron Davis. Clark who plays Arthur Morgan and Davis taking the role of Dutch, spoke about a train action sequence that they went through together.

There was one that got cut that was kind of fun where we take out some Boston bounty hunters on a train

Roger Clark

Apparently, the mission had players taking out some bounty hunters that came in from Boston. Unfortunately, no further details were released, but apparently, the content just wasn’t up to par and expectations that Rockstar had with the game. As a result, it’s these small missions that may have been a bit filler that was ultimately taken out. Still, there are a ton of fans for Red Dead Redemption 2 so we can’t help but think that there might have been some interest in playing these missions.

Source: GameSpot