Sony Looking To Display Ads In PSVR?

The VR platform had a bit spike in this generation of video game consoles. With the likes of Oculus, HTC, and Sony all entering the ring with their VR headsets, more consumers are gaining access to the VR technology. Still, there’s plenty wondering if there will be next-generation platforms for VR and it looks like Sony has some interest in keeping the PSVR line going. While we know the PlayStation 5 is inbound, we’re not sure if the PSVR 2 is coming as well, but a patent does indicate that there may be a slight change to the headset.

A patent that was discovered online showcased the PlayStation VR with the ability to advertise content in-game. We’re not sure if it will be a picture-in-picture type of deal or something built within the game, but you may find yourself having to deal with some advertisements in your peripheral vision. This also seems to be a technology that will adjust to whatever the player is focusing on.

If you happen to focus on a particular individual or item, you may find some advertisements pop up showcasing some potential deals or services that might appeal towards your interest. Of course, we’re not sure just how fond of experience players may have with these new ads being popped up in PSVR or perhaps the next-generation of PSVR technology. 

With that said, it’s worth pointing out that patents are just a way to secure the ideal and it’s not something that is confirmed to be in the works. We very well may not see these ads being placed in VR, but it does pose the question of if you would like to see deals or services depending on what you’re viewing in VR. 

Source: IGN