Persona 5: Royal Accolades Trailer Highlights the Best Parts of the Critically Acclaimed Title

Persona 5: Royal is only one day away from releasing and if your not planning to pick up the upcoming game, then maybe the brand new accolades trailer might convince you to do so.

Persona 5 is one of the better titles to release this generation and with the upcoming updated version of the game slated to release tomorrow, gamers all around wait in anticipation to get their hands on the game. P5 Royal brings the best of Persona 5 and adds a ton of new features, story beats, and a brand new playable character!

Check out the epic accolades trailer for Persona 5: Royal down below:

In related news, the PlayStation Blog detailed some helpful tips for their upcoming updated title — Persona 5: Royal!

This will be the perfect time to read up on some helpful tips for both newcomers and fans of the original title. The five tips will help you start the game with some knowledge about the game and its mechanics, instead of fiddling around when you start the game. Check out the five detailed tips for Persona 5: Royal right here!

Persona 5: Royal is set to release tomorrow on March 31st for the PS4. Are you excited for the upcoming updated title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube