10 Ridiculously Funny Trophies & Achievements We Just Had To Unlock

Saying 2020 hasn’t been a great year is a colossal understatement. It’s important to face the terrible realities of today — but we could all use a break.

With that in mind, I went searching for the silliest, wackiest, and weirdest achievements and trophies in gaming’s (mostly) recent history. These are the challenges that made us laugh, and surprised us by being just that hilarious, strange, or supremely creative. There’s something special about these achievements, and we’re listing 10 of the funniest.

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Go Outside [Stanley Parable]

The Stanley Parable is a strange little game that’s packed with hilarious achievements. There are achievements for quitting the game and starting it up again, clicking a door 430 times, or playing the game a full 24 hours on a Tuesday. But the more ridiculous achievement of them all is ‘Go Outside’ — which challenges you with putting the game down and not returning for five years.

That’s completely absurd. And until a few years ago, it wasn’t even possible — the original game released in 2013, so this achievement couldn’t even be unlocked (without cheating) until 2018. And that’s only if you purchased it on release. That’s a lot of waiting, but we couldn’t help it. I marked the date down on my calendar so I could come back and unlock the achievement properly.

Menage a Huit [Guitar Hero 5]

This trophy isn’t so funny for the content — but it absolutely is for the mental image it conjures up. To unlock ‘Menage a Huit’ you need eight players all using the same instrument. Because everyone that plays these game will 100% always have a Guitar, that means you might invite 8 players to your house, and all of them are rocking out on guitars, all at the same time.

You’re less of a Guitar Hero and more of a Guitar Crowd at that point. Just imagine a band wailing on their whammy bars on-stage, all of them trying to be lead guitarist. It’s absolutely absurd, and back in the day, one of the only ways to unlock this achievement was to literally gather up eight friends, crowd them around two TVs — each game only supports four-player coop — and get them playing in the same online match. What we would do for trophies back then.

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