10 Ridiculously Funny Trophies & Achievements We Just Had To Unlock

Consolation Achievement [You Don’t Know Jack]

Achievements and trophies are pretty common in games. You’ll earn them without even trying — for completing easy challenges accidentally, or just finishing story milestones. We’re used to those little pop-ups now! Sometimes, games will just give you achievements for (almost) no reason at all.

You Don’t Know Jack is one of those games. In this party game, trophies are pretty common rewards, but if you’re feeling left out don’t fret because Jack has got you covered. If you don’t earn any trophies for 5 hours, Jack will just give you one as a ‘Consolation’ prize. It’s both incredibly demeaning and hilarious.

And if you’re a Jack player, you’ll eventually get it no matter what. So there’s no reason to feel too bad about earning this!

Neptunia Victory Begins! [Neptunia Victory]

The text for the trophies in the Neptunia series is ridiculously on-point. Everyone is going to earn this particular trophy — the laughter lies in who might not earn it. You’ll get ‘Neptunia Victory Begins!’ just for starting the adventure, but the text poses a thought I couldn’t help but laugh at; that some game reviewers might not get this trophy.

We’ve all read reviews and wondered if the writer even played the game they’re writing about. As a semi-professional video game writer myself, I know the painful temptation to just avoid playing games entirely. While I’ve never NOT played a game, I’ve daydreamed — wouldn’t life be so much easier if I didn’t have to play these games?! Well, my life of subterfuge won’t last when there are watchdog achievements like this on the prowl.

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