10 Ridiculously Funny Trophies & Achievements We Just Had To Unlock

Master of Controls [Splosion Man]

Here’s a trophy most of us missed, and for a very good reason. In Splosion Man, you play a character that can only explode. There’s only one button, and every button on your controller does it: explode. Hilariously, to earn this achievement, you’ll have to access the settings to make a change.

To earn ‘Master of Controls’, just re-map the only button to any other button. This is completely unnecessary, and the fact the developers even included this goof is pretty funny. I respect putting jokes in your settings menu — it’s incredibly rare, so we have to savor it.

9-Irony [Bioshock 2]

Bioshock 2 might not be as influential as the original, but it does have one damn fine joke achievement / trophy. Before talking about ‘9-Irony’, we have to talk about a different trophy; Irony from the original Bioshock. In Bioshock, the villainous artist Sander Cohen forces you to take grisly pictures — defeating him and snapping a pic earns you the ‘Irony’ achievement, one of the best little surprises in a game that’s full of them.

Bioshock 2 references that delightful macabre trophy with its own — to earn ‘9-Irony’ you’ll need to smash an Andrew Ryan animatronic with a golf club. Andrew Ryan, the creator of the underwater city of the Bioshock series, meets his demise at the hands of a golf club. The minute I saw that Andrew Ryan doll with a golf club, I knew what I had to do.

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