Leaked Screenshots Unveils New Xbox Store Design

We’ve seen several different iterations of the Xbox dashboard along with other applications and storefronts from Microsoft. It’s a way to keep things looking fresh and new for players though with the upcoming Xbox Series X, we’re still left wondering what to expect in terms of the dashboard design. However, we now know what the storefront will look like after a series of leaked images have surfaced online. These screenshots give players a look at the new storefront, but we don’t know if the storefront will be making its appearance when the Xbox Series X debuts or beforehand.

Reported by Thurrott who became aware of the images from the Twitter user, WinCommunity, this new storefront is being named Mercury. From the images, it looks like there are a few changes, most notably being that the navigational bar was positioned to the left side of the screen. Meanwhile, everything still offers a similar view to what we have become accustomed to with Microsoft.

Right now, we’re left wondering just when this storefront will be implemented as again this may be a storefront design change planned with the release of the Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, this storefront will also likely see a release on the Xbox One and the PC platform. Perhaps we’ll get more information from these images during an official reveal at one of the Inside Xbox stream events that are happening each month. For now, you can take a look a the screenshots above from the embedded tweet, but also let us know what you think of the new design Microsoft seems to be taking.

Source: Thurrott