10 Best Bugs That Made Games More Fun | Most Useful Glitches List

Some games only get better with glitches.

Breaking all the rules and escaping the boundaries of what is possible — there’s no other feeling like that, and here I’m going to list 10 games with completely awesome glitches that change the way we play. There are glitches to help you fly in the sky, glitches to play with a coop partner in locked-off singleplayer, or spawn endless armies. Some of these glitches make impossible games much easier, while others are just straight-up fun.

These are some of my favorite glitches from gaming’s past. Some of them are infamous, and others I only discovered recently while researching the long history of gaming’s most fascinating glitches. Whatever it is they do, they’re all going to improve your experience, even if it’s for a totally tiny way like unlocking a level select menu. Here are the 10 best glitches in gaming past, present, and maybe even future.

#1: Two-Player Coop (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil)

Using glitches, a pair of players could actually unlock a form of two-player coop in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on N64. This was before online multiplayer, so jumping into a multi-person match still allowed you to access the cheats menu. Using the Level Select, you could bounce into any of the campaign missions while shooting-it-up splitscreen with your partner.

Hilariously, that means you can also replay the story campaign as any of the multiplayer characters. Some of them can’t even use weapons! Try taking on the last boss as a velociraptor, and impress your friends! It’s only been 22 years since the game was released.

#2: Unlimited Orks (Dawn of War: Dark Crusade)

Orks are all about fightin’ and winnin’ in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, and if you’re looking to hire a truly absurd amount of Orks in the singleplayer campaign, you can do that with this early exploit. By Saving and Reloading your game, your total Ork population will reset — from the standard 104 maximum down to 24. That means you can easily build an army that’s double or even triple the size of what’s normal. Now that’s some serious waaaaaagh!!!!