10 Best Bugs That Made Games More Fun | Most Useful Glitches List

#9: Relm’s Sketch Super Powers (Final Fantasy 6)

The awesome power of Relm’s Sketch ability are boundless in Final Fantasy 6. You can fill your inventory with weird items you’re never meant to use, give your characters 9999 HP, or transform party member Edgar into the temporary character General Leo. It’s all about manipulating the code in weird, extremely specific ways — and doing it wrong can completely corrupt your save file. Thankfully, we have emulation now.

The bug only occurs in the first-run version of the game — it was fixed in later reissues. Not a huge surprise, because you can crash your game under specific circumstances. This is a highly difficult bug to pull off, but its so notorious, I couldn’t help but put it in our list. Learn more about the sketch bug here!

#10: Weirdest Level Select Access Ever (Sonic 3D Blast)

Now here’s a weird bug that’s also a feature I’ve never seen in any other game. By physically smacking the Sonic 3D Blast Genesis cartridge, you’d be able to access a hidden Level Select menu. This article on Polygon explains what’s going on with this bug in detail — by loosening the contacts between the cartridge and the console, a programmed response is triggered. It’s just that the developer purposefully coded bug responses to have an in-game effect, so it seemed like they were intentional.

Obviously, you should never rip a cartridge out of your console on purpose, but this is probably the most unique method for accessing a secret cheat menu I’ve ever seen.