10 Best Bugs That Made Games More Fun | Most Useful Glitches List

#3: Bucket Head Stealth (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

One of the best bugs of all time isn’t really a bug — this is how Bethesda intended the game to work! Stealing is a big no-no in Skyrim, but players quickly discovered that placing a bucket on the head of a shop owner or NPC was enough to block their vision. With their vision blocked, you could enter sneak mode and start robbing the homeowner blind.

To pull off this bug, all you have to do is use the physics manipulation button to pick up any old bucket, and carefully place it over an NPC head. This is just straight-up player ingenuity, but the absurdity lies in a simple question — why would a person just let you put a bucket on their head? It’s a video game, that’s why!

#4: Infinite Speed Bunny Hopping (Thief)

It’s funny to consider that every single tiny aspect of movement has to be programmed in a video game — like, duh, of course it does. But, the illusion quickly crumbles when you realize the programmers forgot to check their math. Many games feature the ability to ramp up your momentum to ridiculous speeds, but very few are as easy to pull-off as in the first Thief game.

In Thief, your master of stealth PC will gain insane momentum just by bunny-hopping. Jump and keep jumping, and you’ll retain your burst of speed until you’re moving at the speed of light. You’ll move so fast, you can actually kill yourself by running into walls. It’s a hilarious way to easy outrun enemies, or complete hours-long levels in a minute.