Respawn Entertainment Is Not Currently Developing A Titanfall Game

Titanfall has been a popular game since its debut on the Xbox 360. While originally the game was a multiplayer-only experience the development studio, Respawn Entertainment, made the sequel to also include a single-player narrative campaign experience. This proved to be a hit and now there are plenty of fans wondering when they will get their next major installment release. Unfortunately, for fans that are waiting for a Titanfall 3 announcement, you will be waiting longer than expected. 

Respawn Entertainment is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As a result, IGN was able to speak with the development studio co-founder, Vince Zampella, and asked about the Titanfall franchise. Essentially, IGN was asking if the franchise was over in which Vince Zampella stated that there is nothing currently being developed for the IP. However, the franchise is always there so it looks like we may not get a Titanfall 3 for a long while at this point. 

After releasing the Titanfall franchise, bringing out a successful battle royale title, Apex Legends, and also the hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game, it looked like the studio is really holding their own after the first ten years of being around. With that said, it was previously hinted at that new Titanfall could find its way out last year which turned out not to be the case. In fact, it seems that whatever was being developed got scrapped.

At the moment, the development team is working on a VR title known as Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond which is releasing for the Oculus Rift. After that, we’re waiting to see what the studio will be bringing out into the market next. 

Source: IGN