343 Industries Dev Comments On Recent Halo Infinite Criticism 

There has been a ton of waiting and anticipation for the next big Halo video game installment. After their time with Halo, Bungie left the game IP onto the hands of 343 Industries, and while they have helped see the launch of the successful Halo Reach title, their exclusive hands-on work delivered Halo 5: Guardians. Unfortunately, that particular installment was far below fans’ hope for a new and exciting installment to the long-beloved science fiction FPS series. 

As a result, there was plenty of criticism left for 343 Industries to take into consideration for their next attempt, Halo Infinite. It was a game that would not only follow after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, but also hopefully make the necessary changes that would appeal to fans of the groundwork Bungie laid out. With most eagerly awaiting the title’s gameplay footage, we went into E3 2019 a bit disappointed as all we received was a cinematic trailer.

However, during July’s Xbox Series X showcase stream, we finally received some gameplay footage. Fans were not all that pleased as the footage looked a bit dated. There was pop in, textures looked below par for what a next-generation Halo title would offer and after years of waiting, the hope of a great experience started to diminish. As you’d expect, there was criticism online for 343 Industries to endure and one of the developers finally offered a statement.

Dan Chosich is the narrative experience director over at 343 Industries and he replied to one of the Tweets that were sent out by a fan. According to Dan, he knows the feeling of being let down on a game that most have been eagerly waiting to play. However, he continues on to say that the criticism is not falling on deaf ears. 

This looks like 343 Industries is taking into consideration of the fans and perhaps there’s enough time to really ramp up the textures to be fitting for the release on Xbox Series X. We’re not sure just how much longer the development team has as the launch title for the next-generation Xbox doesn’t have a release date quite yet other than sometime this holiday season.

Source: Twitter