Halo Gets Masterfully Recreated for PlayStation in Media Molecule’s Dream

A new Dreams gameplay video has surfaced the web and recreates the impossible reality of Halo running a PlayStation console.

Check out the video down below:

The video comes from user DISARMED on Youtube, who seemingly did the impossible and recreated Xbox title, Halo in Dreams. Admittedly, this isn’t an easy feat as the game nearly looks identical to what one would expect it to run like on a PlayStation console. Although the gameplay video is short, clocking in under 40-seconds, fans and players alike can imagine a reality where it can be possible.

Of course, this is all possible through the wonderfully and immensely creative video game, Dreams. It seems as though the creativity in this game is at an all-time high, as there is constantly a new stunning video to take the internet by storm. Not too long ago, a user recreated a mesmerizing clicker fan art from none other The Last of Us. The game is pushing boundaries and it seems as though the creations are becoming better by the day. So much better that schools are even considering using the game as a tool to teach as apart of a curriculum.

Media Molecule’s Dreams is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4 console.

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