Steam Game Festival Returns This Fall 

The world has been in a pretty weird place this year. There’s a lot of things we can talk about from 2020 but one of the biggest and world-changing events that occurred is the health pandemic outbreak known as the coronavirus. This virus was such a monster of a disease that is swept the world quickly with so many of us still enduring the virus spread cautiously. From having to use gloves, masks, and practicing our social distancing, the effects of the coronavirus are something that is history books noteworthy. 

Still, because of this health pandemic outbreak, most events around the world have completely shutdown. Instead of holding these grand events that allow consumers to attend from around the world, there have been streaming alternatives taking place. From big-name companies to smaller indie studios, we’re seeing different games, announcements, updates, and trailers released online during these prerecorded digital showcases. This has actually worked out rather well and at times a bit easier to manage than something like E3 which crammed so much content into just a few days. Instead, we’re getting smaller news showcases scattered throughout the months. 

These events are worthwhile for viewers to tune in but those that want to play some of these demos have been missing the in-person events. That changed as well with the likes of the Steam Game Festival. During the summer we had the event take place where again several streams and announcements took place online, but it also allowed PC players the ability to download demos right on their computer to enjoy. This meant that the wait times to get a chance to play were cut down and you could enjoy a longer duration of these games to get a quick impression of what the developer has been working on.

Now it looks like that festival event is going to happen once again but this time during the fall. Announced by Geoff Keighley, the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition is set to take place on October 7, 2020, and will last until October 13, 2020. Once again, fans can try out several free previews of upcoming video games right at the comfort of their home using the official Steam PC client.

Source: Twitter