Call of Duty: Mobile – Best Loadouts Guide | Attachments, Scorestreaks & More

Your loadout is your life in Call of Duty: Mobile. The right loadout can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Using a mismatched pair of weapons, giving them the wrong attachments, or wasting your perk slots is a common mistake for casual or new players, and here I’m going to break down the best loadouts to bring. We’re going through everything — perks, attachements, scorestreaks, lethals / tacticals — everything you need to pick, and why you might want to pick these particular gadgets.

Loadouts have been part of the Call of Duty series for a very long time, and naturally this loadout system is similar to Black Ops 4, the closest game in the series to Call of Duty: Mobile. Many of the scorestreaks and perks are identical, but there are a few changes you’ll want to lookout for if you’re a veteran. We’ll go through all that in the extensive guide below.

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Best Scorestreaks

The ‘best’ scorestreaks come down to personal preference — but, if you’re aiming to get lots of kills, you need as much information as possible. Personally, I believe that the UAV, Counter UAV, and the Sentry Gun.

  • UAV: Marks your enemies on the minimap. Use the minimap heavily and you’ll be able to anticipate where enemies are. Just make sure you don’t waste your UAV and use it when your teammates are also using their’s.
  • Counter UAV: A simple countermeasure for enemy UAVs. Use it so you aren’t tracked.
  • Sentry Gun: A great weapon that can hold corridors or watch your back while you’re sniping. It’s a great camper-friendly weapon, and you can use it as a distraction, or drop it for a revenge kill if you’re outnumbered.

The War Machine is another good choice, but any of the Class skills are good.

Best Guns & Attachments

We’ve already covered the best guns to purchase, and the best guns in general, so I’ll go through this section quickly. Here, we’re focused on loadouts for multiplayer, and which weapons are best used together.

The PDW (and SMG in general) are amazing for close-range combat in the regular multiplayer modes. SMGs have the fastest ADS (Aim-Down-Sights), and you can improve SMGs considerably with these accessories.

  • SMG Attachments:
    • Quickdraw: ADS faster — combined with an SMG, you’ll aim and shoot faster than anyone else.
    • Foregrip: Steadies aim and gives you less recoil, making you more accurate with sustained bursts.
    • Stock: Move faster while ADS.

For Ranked, it’s best to have a primary weapon and a secondary pistol you can quickly swap to. Either the J358 Revolver of the MW11 work.

  • Pistol Attachments:
    • Extended Mag: More bullets! A no-brainer.
    • Long Barrel: [For J358] Increases headshot damage, bullet range, and bullet speed.
    • FMJ: Extra penetration through walls and extra damage to scorestreaks.
    • Laser Sight: [For MW11] Reduces recoil and improves accuracy when hip-firing.

The Assault Rifle is another all-around great weapon. I recommend the AK117 or the Type 25. Both are useful with the same attachments.

  • Assault Rifle Attachments:
    • Red-Dot Sight: A simple, easy-to-use sight. You can use any sight you want, but I prefer the red-dot.
    • Quickdraw: Faster ADS. Always important in a firefight.
    • Foregrip: Reduced recoil in ADS. More bullets will land on-target.
    • Extended Mag: And more bullets!

For the final weapon, we’re touching on the camper’s choice — the Sniper Rifle. Find a good spot on a high peak, and you can conquer certain maps. The Artic .50 is my personal choice for best Sniper Rifle.

  • Sniper Rifle Attachments:
    • Tactical Scope: You need more range when using the Sniper Rifle.
    • FMJ: Extra damage to scorestreaks and when shooting through armor / walls.
    • Extended Mag: More shots before you have to reload.
    • Suppressor: Reduces noise so you won’t appear on the mini-map unless players are close to you, and improves accuracy.

Best Lethal & Tactical

The best Lethal / Tactical choices are very simple — Frag Grenades and Concussion Grenades. Frags are obvious. Concussion Grenades stop enemies from shooting, so they’re a step-up over Flashbangs. Learn the timing so you can cook and throw a Concussion Grenade and catch anyone around a corner.

Best Perks

The best perks depend on your playstyle, but some perks are always amazing. Here’s a quick list of the perks I’ve found to be most useful.

  • Toughness: Flinch less when shot. You can shoot back and (maybe) survive.
  • Vulture: Collect ammo from dead players. Always useful.
  • Dead Silence: Your footsteps don’t appear on the minimap. On high-level ranked play, sound management is extremely important.
  • Ghost: Invisible to enemy UAVs. If you’re planning on running-and-gunning, and you don’t use Counter-UAVs, this is an alternate solution.
  • Lightweight: Move faster all the time. Not just extended sprinting — another great perk to use if you’re an SMG user.

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