Call of Duty: Mobile – The Best Guns To Get In Multiplayer & Battle Royale | All Weapon Types Ranked

Pictured: Not my favorite guns.

The heart of every Call of Duty game is the arsenal — the weapons you’ll use to shred opponents. Picking your favorite guns is a hard task, and I needed to spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about these picks. After consulting with the community and playing more Call of Duty than the Doctor recommends, I’ve finally put together my definitive list of best guns to use from each category.

The categories, naturally, are the types of weapons you’ll be used. So that’s the standard array; pistols, shotguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, LMGs, and Sniper Rifles. Rocket Launchers are awesome, but there’s really no place for those behemoths when you’re selecting a loadout. They might be nice, but they’re totally situational. These guns are forever, and they’re my personal faves for PVP or BR.

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The Best Guns To Get In Multiplayer & Battle Royale | All Weapon Types Ranked

Best SMG: PDW-57

Considered one of the best weapons in the entire game, the PDW is a killer SMG that fires fast and shreds opponents in close-quarters combat. This is a PVP-only pick, as you’ll be using this in the tightly woven multiplayer maps the most. It’s also the final weapon you can unlock — it’s only available once you hit Level 100!

Best Shotgun: Striker

While this beast of a gun might not fire in full auto, it’s still loaded with a large magazine and fires faster than all your other shotguns. Because of it’s improved accuracy, even at mid-range, this is one of the best shotguns around.

Best Assault Rifle: AK117

A full auto Assault Rifle that can shred opponents with high-powered bullets. You’ll need to get used to the heavy recoil, which isn’t so bad when you’re putting down opponents quick thanks to the higher stopping power. One of the best and most balanced Assault Rifles in the game, and great for Battle Royale.

Best Pistol: M1911

You probably don’t want to mess around with pistols. There’s always a better gun to find or equip. The only benefit of pistols is that you can swap to them extremely fast — they’re a good secondary when you’ve run out of ammo on your primary. If that’s your style, bring the M1911 — it’s a stronger pistol, and damage is important. It can also fire quick with good accuracy.

Best Light Machinegun: RPD

The RPD is my personal favorite Light Machinegun just for the huge ammo capacity and it’s extreme firing speed. You can use the RPD in close-range or mid-range encounters with enemies, making it more versatile than a standard LMG. The firing speed is great, even if you’re firing from the hip like a madman.

Best Sniper Rifle: Artic .50

Being a sniper is tough in Call of Duty: Mobile, so pick the gun that kills in one shot. You don’t even need headshots to down with this beast of a rifle. It fires slow, the handling isn’t great, and it’s a rare drop in BR, but the Arctic .50 is the best rifle hands down. It just requires some practice to master.

Those are our picks for best guns in Call of Duty: Mobile! I’m sure you have your own favorites, but these are my personal choices.