Call of Duty: Mobile – How To Drastically Improve Battery Life | Tweaks Guide

Call of Duty: Mobile is a hungry app that can instantly eat away at huge chunks of your battery life. Depending on their settings, some players are losing 25% battery life over a single online match. That’s a lot of energy for an app designed for quickplay — and if you’re struggling with the same issue, we’ve got a few tips to help cool your phone off.

Depending on the model of your phone, the graphics settings, and whatever else is going on in those tiny processors, these tips and tricks might not work for you. But, in general, these are the best ways to improve battery life and limit the amount of power Call of Duty: Mobile drains out of your limited battery. Hopefully, one (or more!) of these suggestions can help you play for longer.

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How To Drastically Improve Battery Life | Tweaks Guide

Call of Duty: Mobile can quickly drain batteries. Let’s go over a few quick solutions to lower that.

For a typical phone that meets all of Call of Duty: Mobile‘s requirements, you shouldn’t lose more than 5% / 10% when playing PVP / BR, per match. If you’re losing significantly more on your battery, there are a few things you can do.

  • To Immediately Improve Battery Life:
    • Set Graphics Settings to ‘Low’
    • Set Framerate to ‘Medium’
  • More Options To Improve Battery Life:
    • Turn Off Sound
    • Dim Screen Brightness

The less heat you generate on your phone, the less power the app will drain. It helps to not increase Framerate too much — but leaving it too low can also have an heating effect. Play around with your settings to see what works best for you.

  • Tips To Keep Your Phone Cool
    • Don’t play while charging your phone.
    • Play in a cold / cool room with AC.
    • Don’t play with your phone in direct sunlight.
    • If you have a fan, try adjusting so that the fan is cooling your phone while playing.

While these factors are pretty minor, they can make a huge different on your battery life. Keeping your phone from overheating will make it last much longer on a full charge.

And finally, here’s one last tip. Make sure to use the proper emulator if you’re playing on Android phones.

  • On Android – Use The Gameloop Emulator

That’s all the tips we’ve got for improving battery life! It’s going to take a lot of game time to reach Level 100 — even improving battery life by a little will help you squeeze in just one more match.