Call of Duty: Mobile – 7 Settings You Need To Change Right Now | Tweaks Guide

Call of Duty: Mobile is finally rolling out for everyone, and if you want to start properly popping noobs, you’ll need to tweak the many, many settings for this F2P PVP shooter on iOS and Android. By default, you’ll be stuck with some limited control options, designed for the most casual players. You’ll have to wrestle back control from the game, but you’ll find a huge collection of settings.

Call of Duty: Mobile gives you instant access to PVP and Battle Royale game modes. You’ll have to reach Level 7~ or so before Battle Royale becomes an option, but that won’t take too long if you’re a quick shooter. Like Fortnite’s mobile versions, you’ll need to handle a lot with just a few fingers. Battle Royale just makes thing even more complicated, as you’ll have to manage an inventory of items too. There’s a lot you can do — such as swapping Loot Settings, or changing individual gun aim settings — that can turn you into a true Call of Duty: Mobile master.

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Swap To Advanced Control Settings & Find What Works For You

The Basic Control Settings are the standard — you just control movement and aiming. On the most basic setting, you automatically shoot whenever an enemy enters your crosshairs. It’s handy for getting used to playing with your phone, but eventually you’ll want to upgrade to the Advanced Settings.

There are multiple different variants on Advanced Settings, but I find the best version automatically puts you into ADS (Aim-Down-Sights) when firing. Swap to that, and you’ll automatically get better aim (but slower movement) — this might sound like a bad thing, but there are ways to get around this limitation. I’ll get into that below.

Test And Change Your Turn / View Sensitivity

One of the simplest changes you’ll want to make is your Turn / View Sensitivity. Depending on your touch-and-drag settings, or the size of your phone, you’ll want to change the sensitivity to turn faster.

You can also change your Sniper Sensitivity separately to improve your quick-scoping technique. This is a different setting, and you’ll need quick reflexes to keep up with real players. Lots of bots might stand stock still, but regular players love to sprint / slide constantly.

Swap Shotguns To Hip Fire In Custom Control Settings

Want to make the Shotgun a worthwhile weapon? Don’t bother Aiming-Down-Sights! You need to shoot fast and up-close. Every gun, by Default, goes to ADS.

If you want to shoot faster, go to the Custom Control Settings where you can change how every gun controls. Each individual weapon type can be switched — you can toggle between Hip Fire and ADS. Naturally, Hip Fire is the best choice for Shotguns.

Lower The Graphics To Boost Performance

Like games on PC, you can lower the default graphics settings and boost Performance / FPS. The standard settings might not be ideal for you (or your particular phone) so it doesn’t hurt to check the graphics. I recommend lowering the graphics to get a clearer image with better performance. Crank up Framerate to max!

Unless you’ve got a monster phone that can easily run everything on Max with Best Performance. Then you’re free to blast people with all the bells-and-whistles turned up.

Turn On Always Sprint

Call of Duty: Mobile is a mobile game — not very many people are playing with headphones on. Tiny details like mini-map footprints are usually ignored by most players. Making lots of noise by running isn’t that big of an issue in PVP or BR. That’s why I think it’s worth toggling the ‘Always Sprint’ option on.

You’ll move faster always, just make sure to slow down so you can aim and shoot sometimes. Naturally, you’ll slow down naturally when you pull your weapon up, but there are some drawbacks. You’ll have to decide if this setting is something you’ll want to use.

Lower Your Auto-Loot Settings To Avoid Collecting Worthless Stuff

The loot settings might not make sense when you first see them. There are numbers next to each item you can collect — the number indicates how many of each item you’ll auto-collect. Set the number to 2, and you’ll automatically collect (and equip) 2 Reflex Sights. Set the number to 0, and you won’t collect (or equip) any Tactical Scopes.

You can do the same for every type of item, except for Ammo and Guns. Hopefully that’s a setting the developers will add soon.

Toggle On Aim Reset For A Quick View Reset

If you’re using Advanced Settings, such a Tap-To-Fire, your view is going to wander ever-so-slightly while running around. To make life easier, I recommend toggling on ‘Aim Reset’ which snaps your crosshair back to the center of the screen. That way you won’t have to naturally reset yourself. Usually, this is going to make life easier.

We’ll add more settings as we play and learn about Call of Duty: Mobile. There’s got to be more tips and settings tricks! Check back soon for new updates.