Fortnite Mobile: 7 Pro Tips You Need To Crush On iOS | Beginner’s Guide

Fortnite is kind of a big deal, and it’s still the same 100 vs. 100 battle royale that is taking the video-gaming world by storm, even on iOS. The teeny-tiny miniaturized version of Fortnite is surprisingly playable — even without Bluetooth controller support (coming soon) or the ability to play the original version of the game. No, this is all about Fortnite: Battle Royal, and it’s still completely free to play — unless you want to fork over some cash to purchase cosmetic items or join each “season” of events.

So, what is Fortnite? It’s a game where you (solo, or with a team) drop onto a huge map and scrounge up weapons to fight and survive until you (or your team) are the last ones standing. It’s kind of like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — except this is a far bubblier experience. Instead of scrounging armor, you’ll track down potions, and you can build walls, ramps and other structures whenever you want. It’s a pretty good tactic, and adds a lot more silliness to the normally tense structure of PUBG. People are going crazy for it, so let’s all learn how to get better together.

Fortnite Mobile: Beginner’s Guide

Before diving in and downloading Fortnite on iOS, you’ll want to make sure it actually works on your phone. Here’s a quick rundown of all the phones / devices Fortnite works with.

  • Fortnite Mobile on iOS is compatible with: iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X; iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, Pro
    • Fortnite Mobile is NOT COMPATIBLE with: iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPod Touch

Android support is not yet available. Announcements are coming!


#1: Don’t Play Cross-Platform, Unless You Want A Challenge

One of the simplest settings, and coolest features in Fortnite Mobile, is probably best disabled for now. Mobile is a playground, one where no one gets an advantage because all mobile players are stuck with the digital controller. I’m going to talk a lot about the digital controller, but it’s really important!

Learning how to use the digital controller quickly is really important, and avoiding players with “better” controller options like actual, physical controllers / keyboard is probably a good way to start out. Don’t mess around with cross-platform play on your first few tries. PC / Console players are more experienced, have better control options, and are generally a menace. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage right off the bat. Just play with mobile players only until you’re ready for a bigger challenge.

#2: Remember — Always Be Moving And Shooting

Fortnite Mobile isn’t really about being the best shot. Aiming is pretty much out-the-window thanks to an extremely generous auto-aim mechanic. This is a mobile version, you can only control with the digital controller on your phone / tablet, so you’ll want to rely on something different — movement.

  • Double-tap to activate auto-run. No more constant holding!

Don’t just stand still! Get moving, and don’t stop moving. Jump around, strafe left and right, look like a complete fool and try to be unpredictable while also keeping your focus (mostly) on your enemy. Because shooting is so automated, you’re mostly wrestling with movement and keeping the camera properly oriented on whoever you want to blast.

#3: Don’t Forget About The Walls!

Here’s something many, many Fortnite players completely forget about — all the walls and ramps you can build with that extra material you find all over the map. Not only can a wall save you from an instant death while you’re running around without cover, it also creates an awesome distraction for your enemy.

Slam down a wall when you’re face-to-face with an enemy player, and most of the time they’ll focus fire on that new obstruction instead of paying attention to you. They’ll waste ammo, grenades, and other goodies on that random wooden wall, giving you time to slip around and earn your kill. It’s super easy to do, and a tactic (some) of the pros totally use.

#4: Learn The New Visual Sound Cues

Like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite on iOS had to do something about sound. Normally, on console or PC, you would use gunshots and other sounds to learn enemy positions and track them accordingly. It doesn’t quite work that way in Fortnite Mobile. Whether you’re listening to the in-game audio or not, you’ll still get new visual cues that pop-up indicating the direction of nearby gunshots or footsteps.

It’s a very, very useful system if you’re playing in a noisy subway or bus. You can always use headphones too, but that won’t make the visual cues go away. If anything, using both will help you master the game even faster. Just don’t forget, whenever you make a sound, everyone else gets to see those same visual cues. Crouching and sneaking will make the footsteps go away. Firing a silenced weapon lowers the range of visual cues — only nearby players will see.

#5: Take The High Ground With Ramps!

Walls are great and all, but ramps are where true victory lies. Use ramps to construct up and over — you want to get to the high ground first, because that’s the easiest way to victory. While up high, you’ll have a ton of advantages — easy view of the area, plenty of sight lines, a quick escape, and a chokepoint you can defend if someone decides to come up to your perch.

  • Scoped Rifles and Pistols are way, way easier to use in Fortnite Mobile thanks to the extreme aim assist. Use those a lot more to score deadly shots at long-ish range! If you’re going to try sniping with a standard assault rifle, crouch and stay still for best accuracy.

It’s best not to simply construct structures for sniping spots. No, you want to build ramps and reach the tops of tall buildings. Any tall-ish building will do. You can even dismantle / smash your own structure if you don’t want anyone else up over nearby. Just watch out for grenades! And don’t let a sneaky builder get the jump on you. Don’t forget everyone else can build ramps too.

#6: The Double-Shotgunning Method

Now here’s a true pro technique for you movers-and-shooters out there. Everyone knows aiming isn’t exactly easy with that crappy digital controller on your phone or tablet. Not that aiming really matters all that much. There’s a serious auto-aim feature on mobile, so (most) of your shots are probably going to get close as long as you’re looking at a target. Give yourself even more killer potential with the double-shotgun trick. Less aiming required!

Instead of reloading a shotgun, unload one shotgun, then immediately swap to a different shotgun. And so on, and so forth — it kills everyone and everything as long as you’re pretty close to your target. The shotguns are unbeatable, until you need to reload. If you’re too far away to make use of your boomsticks, just drop down walls for cover until you’re right up in an enemy’s face. Then BLAM / SWAP / BLAM. It’s a guaranteed victory tactic in many situations.

#7: Don’t Accidentally Shoot Your Guns

This seems obvious, but it’s really kind of tricky on mobile. When looting areas or tracking a target, you never want to accidentally fire your weapon. Stealth is pretty important in Fortnite: Battle Royal, and giving yourself away with random gunfire is bad.

  • If you want to be absolutely sure you won’t fire your gun while looting, swap to the pickaxe.

You’ll lose the element of surprise completely, and previously-unaware players will come for you. You don’t know where they are, but they know where you are — that’s super bad, so it’s important to learn how to loot (tap) without firing your gun at the same time.

Got your own awesome tips and tricks to conquer Fortnite Mobile? Let us know in the comments section!