Call of Duty: Mobile – How To Level Up Faster | Best XP Farming Maps & Modes

Call of Duty: Mobile is all about the grind. The more you level up, the better weapons (and perks) you’ll unlock. It can take time, but it’s completely possible to stay competitive without spending real money. That’s kind of a first in these games, even if there is a downside — if you’re just playing Unranked, you will be matched with bots. Lots and lots of bots.

It can be boring. Thankfully, there are benefits to all those bots. By playing PVP modes, you can collect up tons of XP per match (2,300+ XP) and level up quick. Certain game modes are much, much more effective at netting you that precious XP. It might be boring, and you’ll probably have to steer clear of Battle Royale — if only it didn’t take so long. To maximize your minutes, you’ll want to follow these steps to level up ASAP.

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How To Level Up Faster | Best XP Farming Maps & Modes

To level up faster and get those precious new Weapon and Perk unlocks, you’ll want to stick to fast, furious PVP modes that you can repeat often. That means you’ll want to stay in Unranked — it isn’t as exciting as Ranked, but it is a good way to get lots of XP.

  • Earn 2,300~ XP Per Match: Frontline Mode, Killhouse Map

The Killhouse Map is a small, enclosed map — leading to brutal, quick Frontline Mode matches. Each match only takes about 3 minutes, making it the best possible combo for quick XP.

The second best mode to play is, surprisingly, Domination. Playing Domination seems to net about 2,000~ XP per match, while the lesser Team Deathmatch can get you about 1,800~ XP per match. If you want to switch things up, swapping over to Domination is a good way to continue earning fast XP.

Free-For-All is fun, too bad it’s easily the worst as far as XP goes. A normal match usually won’t even net 1,000~ XP. That’s significantly less than any other mode.

Battle Royale is another great mode for XP, but you need patience. A typical match, even if you lose, can get an average player about 5,000~ XP. That sounds like a huge, huge step-up over the PVP modes, but remember that the average length of a BR match is much, much longer. You can complete at least three or four Killhouse – Frontline matches in the time it takes to complete a single BR.

The best gun in the game is waiting for you at level 100, including a ton of gun attachments, killstreaks, and perks. Goodluck with all that grinding, trooper.