Call of Duty: Mobile – 7 Battle Royale Tips To Take You To The Final Circle | Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to a very different version of Blackout Mode. Call of Duty: Mobile includes it’s own Battle Royale map, and you’ll want to make some serious playstyle adjustments before becoming the #1 survivor. Twitch shooting skills, honed in the standard PVP competitive modes, are going to come in handy when you’re blasting opponents, but there’s a lot more you need to know about.

I’ve been playing Blackout for a long time, and here are some of my basic tips and tricks you’ll want to utilize in this remixed version for mobile. Naturally, because this is a mobile game, you don’t even need to stick with your squad or communicate. You’ll also have lots of bots to fight, which makes climbing those ranks just a little easier. The trick is to survive until the end, get the best equipment, and take down your opponents in the final circle.

We all know how Battle Royale works at this point, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of Call of Duty: Mobile. Here are 7 tips to help you survive and thrive.

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#1: Switch To Third-Person-Perspective For BR

First-Person-Perspective severely limits how much you can see. That’s pretty obvious — it’s also completely optional. You can still shoot while Aiming-Down-Sights, even in Third-Person-Perspective, so that’s the recommended setting if you want to see around walls or above fences and hills. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard. Just learn how to adapt with TPP. Everyone else is going to be using it.

#2: Helicopters Are A Blessing And A Curse

To get good at BR, you’re probably going to want to learn how to fly a helicopter. It takes practice, but this flying deathtrap can safely whisk you away to far parts of the map. It’s great for your team, but it isn’t exactly required — a bad helicopter pilot that lands you in the middle of a firefight is worse than no chopper at all.

I recommend making mental note of areas where helicopters spawn. As Jump Leader, lead your team to a helicopter spawn area and grab the choppers. Then you can zip around solo (or with teammates) — helicopters are a great way to get your entire squad wiped, but they’re just so useful. I think they’re worth the risk. Just learn how to pilot them properly, and don’t ride with bad pilots.

#3: Go For Airdrops & Aim For High Loot Areas

Airdrops are where the best loot is hiding. You’ll find Legendary Weapons and gear in these crates, and if you’re sporting a chopper, you can instantly zoom over there and loot (hopefully) before anyone else. It helps to reach airdrops as a team, as you can watch your buddies and make sure a lurking enemy isn’t about to shoot you in the back.

Getting those airdrops is high risk, high reward — just like landing in High Loot ares right at the start of the match. BR in mobile is meant to be played in short quick bursts. In my opinion, it’s better to go for good loot at the start with your entire team. Landing in a worthless area with one a bad gun or two will make you survive longer — too bad it’s a long, boring slog.

#4: Watch Your Teammates, But Don’t Stay Too Close

If your teammates aren’t on mics, if they aren’t communicating, and you’re happy to play with randoms, it’s totally possible to still be a #1 survivor. It’s all about support. If you see an ally go down on your map, fly a chopper over to revive them — don’t forget to drop smoke on the body if it’s in an open field.

Even if you die, it’s a good idea to stay in-game and watch how your teammates do. You don’t actually have to watch it, you can just swap to your teammate’s perspective and watch TV. Watching (and sticking with) your teammate perspective will actually improve your end-of-match ranking. If you’re worried about losing rank, it’s a good idea to spectate.

#5: Movement Is As Important As Aiming

I recommend turning on the Always-Sprint option in BR. Everyone has pretty bad aim in Call of Duty: Mobile. We’re all stuck with touch controls for now, as there is no Controller Support. Use that to your advantage!

Jump, sprint, and slide constantly. Change directions and zig-zag at long distance. If you’ve been playing Call of Duty on consoles or PC, you’ll be shocked how well a few simple changes in your movement can bamboozle enemy aiming.

#6: Pick The Right Guns For The Right Situations

BR is all about getting the best guns first. Assault Rifle / Shotgun is a good one-two punch that’s perfect for medium / short-range encounters. If you’re fighting in the fields or large open areas, grab a Light Machinegun or Sniper Rifle. If you’re not great at aiming, the LMG is a good choice to just keep spraying. Even if your enemy is good at weaving, a few of those bullets are bound to hit.

One of the best guns available is the Legendary Artic 50. This killer Sniper has a special infrared scope that lets you see enemies hiding in bushes. Very useful for the final circle.

  • Rocket Launchers are so rare, I don’t recommend picking one up. But, do take note if you see one. Then you can run back and blow up choppers!

And finally, there’s the SMG. The SMG / PDW might be one of the best weapons in standard PVP, but it’s too limited in BR. You need the extra range and accuracy of an Assault Rifle, and the Shotgun does good work in close quarters.

#7: Pick The Right Class

Every class has a use, but some classes can be handier than others. The Ninja’s grapple lets you attack camping enemies from multiple directions, so use it constantly to get the drop on people. Especially if you attack from places the bad guys don’t expect. The Clown is one of the best for solo, summoning some zombies that can flush out campers and distracting them while you engage.

The Scout, Medic and Mechanic are all useful support classes that work better with a team. If you’re working together, their deployables can make life much, much easier.

The worst class, in my opinion, is the Defender. It isn’t reliable enough for me to recommend.

That’s all the Battle Royale tips I’ve got so far. Keep watching Gameranx for more Call of Duty: Mobile guides and info!