Call of Duty: Mobile – Save Your Precious Credits For These Useful Guns

Call of Duty: Mobile is pretty stingy with the credits. This in-game currency can be earned just by playing matches and completing goals, and you’ll need a lot of it to purchase something actually useful. Most of the cheap stuff, like stickers or skins, aren’t useful at all — just cosmetics. In a game like Call of Duty: Mobile, it’s better to save your credits than to get spending right away.

Everything in the game can be purchased with CP — or COD Points. There are two separate stores; the COD Points store, and the credits store. The credits store changes its stock often, and only offers a small selection of goods you can buy. There are still good things to grab, and if you’re looking to stay F2P, here are the weapons we recommend most for new players to grab with their precious, precious credits.

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What To Buy First | Credits Guide

Credits are a valuable and limited resource. You can earn them by logging in daily, leveling up, completing daily / weekly challenges, and by completing Battle Pass Tiers. And yes, you can purchase the Battle Pass with in-game Credits instead of real-life money.

Need more Credits? Watch Ads in the promotions menu of your account. You can earn more free credits, or earn promotional loot crates for free rolls.

There are ways to earn credits, but if you want to make the most of them, you’ll want to save. Don’t waste credits on junk like low-tier weapons, stickers, weapon XP or loot crates. Avoid all of that. If you really want to open loot crates, bite the bullet and check the ads section for free promotional loot crates.

I recommend saving at least 1,500 Credits before spending them. If you’re really frugal, you can save 3,000 Credits and buy the best possible stuff — but that’s going to take awhile.

LK24 Assault Rifle [1,500 Credits]

The LK24 — a new version of the G37H — is an extremely fast-firing Assault Rifle that’s good for new players. Not one of the best guns for advanced play, but great if you’re looking for a weapon that works at medium-to-close range.

UL736 LMG [1,500 Credits]

This heavy weapon is great if you’re planning on providing steady fire-support. Not recommended for rushers, but perfect for players that like to go prone and find a nice sight-line. Great against scorestreaks, but poor when it comes to close-range encounters. This is a pretty good all-around gun, and one I’d recommend for purchase if you’re just starting out.

PDW SMG [3,000 Credits]

Some say this is the best gun in all of Call of Duty: Mobile — really, it’s just the fastest, and letting you aim, unload a mag into an enemy, and continue to sprint around the map without missing a beat. It’s got great handling and a blistering rate-of-fire that makes you the winner of most close-range encounters. It’s best suited for standard Multiplayer.

AK117 Assault Rifle [3,000 Credits]

The best Assault Rifle is also a great pick for your early purchasing spree. If you’re looking to get a leg-up, grab the AK117 — it’s fully automatic, with the most powerful per-shot damage in its class. It has high recoil, so I recommend this gun for more advanced players.

Striker Shotgun [3,000 Credits]

Another gun that’s just straight-up the best of its class. The Striker Shotgun has a drum magazine and an extremely fast rate-of-fire. It has the lowest damage per shot, but it doesn’t matter when you’re peppering close-range opponents with multiple blasts. An easy to use gun with a lot of advantages. Grab it early and use it often.

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