Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How To Get The Divinity Trace Rifle | Exotic Quest Guide

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The Divinity Trace Rifle isn’t just a standard Exotic — it’s an exclusive piece of ‘Garden of Salvation’ loot only available to Guardians with the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion. To get the Divinity, you’ll need friends and a lot of coordination in the full DLC raid, but you can start it without even entering the high-powered raid area.

The Divinity is a deadly Trace Rifle that weakens and disrupts enemies that absorb its beam for long enough — this is the Judgement effect, and keeping up a sustained Judgement effect for long enough leads to an additional burst of damage on the target. It’s a valuable weapon, but getting it is going to require a lot of Raid preparation. At least you can get started early.

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How To Get The Divinity Trace Rifle | Exotic Quest Guide

The Divinity Trace Race is an Exotic weapon that can only be acquired in the ‘Garden of Salvation’ raid, exclusive to the Shadowkeep expansion.

You’ll need a full team to cooperate to actually unlock it, but before taking that step, you’ll need to begin the Exotic Quest.

How To Begin The Divinity Exotic Quest: Go to The Moon and return to the Lunar Battleground — the area where you first started the Moon. You can reach the Lunar Battleground from Sorrow’s Harbor.

On the way to the Lunar Battleground, go left at the area with all the mysterious totems. There’s an optional cave here with a huge Vex Portal. It will activate when you enter and summon loads of enemies. Defeat them until the Minotaur appears. Destroy it and collect the Exotic Engram.

Quest Step #1: Decrypt it to get the Exotic Quest item. To solve the first step, you need to find and activate three Oracles hidden in Lost Sectors on Nessus. You can complete these in any order.

  • Lost Sector: The Tangle – Ancient’s Haunt
  • Lost Sector: Artifact’s Edge – Orrery
  • Lost Sector: Cistern – Conflux

Quest Step #2: Find the hidden data cube ‘Oracles’ and interact to decrypt the first step of the item. To charge the item, you’ll next need to defeat 120 Vex [Anywhere]. You can do this anywhere, so it’s no big deal.

Quest Step #3: For the next step, you need to collect 30 Phantasmal Particles. These drop from Nightmares on The Moon — just complete a bunch of Nightmare Hunts to get them all. Once you have 30, go to the Lectern and purchase the vendor item that costs 30 Phantasmal Particles.

After this, you’re ready to enter the Garden of Salvation raid and start hunting down hidden steps. It all involves finding the hidden locked door — which is found near the start. Drop down to find a locked door in a secret alcove.

The goal is to link tethers together and open the door. It requires finding hidden areas, and it’s pretty tricky. Here’s a post on the subject, and we’ll update this article with more information as it’s discovered.

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