The Division 2: The Best Places To Grind For Fast End-Game XP | Proficiency Cache Farming Guide

Loot is pretty randomized in The Division 2, and if you want the best possible loot you’re going to need to constantly re-roll for useful skills. No two weapons and gear pieces are the same, and aiming for duplicates with the best stats is the only way to truly prepare for the toughest end-game activities. One of the best ways to ensure good rolls is farming Proficiency Caches, which you’ll earn after gaining a ‘level’ — even once you hit Level 50.

Yes, you still earn XP after hitting max level. It’s all for earning Proficiency Caches, which always give you gear that’s just slightly better than your current average. If you’re aiming to reach GS 500, the methods below aren’t exactly the fastest for you — here, we’re all about earning XP to unlock Proficiency Caches. There are plenty of places you can try to enhance your XP gains, and we’re going to list them below for your grinding convenience.

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Best Places To Grind For Fast End-Game XP | Proficiency Cache Farming Guide

You’ll earn Proficiency Caches in your inventory after gaining a level — or by filling your XP bar. At Level 50, you’ll stop gaining levels and only earn a Proficiency Cache. These caches give you a random assortment of items, but they’re always pretty good.

If you want to earn more caches faster, you’ll need to find the most efficient ways to earn XP. These locations / tips are strictly for players that have already completed the campaign. If you’re extremely high level (Lvl. 45+) then you might have use for some of these tips, but mostly we’re focusing on the end-game.


Method #1: Hyena Stronghold [Challenging]

The Hyena Stronghold at the sports arena is the easiest and fastest of the four faction strongholds — and it’s possible to quickly complete it in less than 15 minutes. If you’re well-equipped, it’s possible to complete runs in less than 12 minutes, especially if you’re running with a good team.

The best build for solo survival is the Healing Chem Launcher and Seeker Drones. Use the Chem Launcher exclusively to heal yourself, and Seeker Drones can be deployed against heavy enemies to kill them very quickly.

Method #2: Dark Zone North Landmarks

Another option is to focus completely on clearing landmarks in Dark Zones. You’ll earn Proficiency Caches when clearing the landmarks and you can grab some DZ Caches along the way. The only problem is — some players aren’t fans of the DZ. Don’t worry, you can watch out for Rogue players — once they’re onto the ‘manhunt’ status, you can avoid enemy players much easier than in the first Division.

Method #3: DCD Headquarters / Federal Emergency Bunker [Heroic]

Finally, you can run the shortest main missions endlessly on [Heroic] difficulty for Proficiency Caches. Complete the weekly Invasions (only on WRT5) and then you can run these missions endlessly, depending on your preference. It really doesn’t matter which of these missions you run. They’re short and you’ll get a big bonus for completing them on higher and higher difficulties.

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