Mario Kart Tour Beta Codes Are Being Sent Out

Nintendo has been tapping into the smartphone mobile market lately with video game adaptations and the latest upcoming release is Mario Kart Tour. Mario Kart, in general, has been a fan favorite since its release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo perfected kart racers and it has been a staple video game franchise that’s expected to launch with each Nintendo platform release. However, for the first time ever, we’re getting a smartphone adaptation and its something that we know very little above. Nintendo has been keeping a tight lid on this video game but soon we’ll get an official game reveal.

If you recall, Nintendo was offering gamers can sign up and become beta tests for the video game. That application has since been closed down but it looks like Nintendo is starting to send out codes to those who were selected to participate in the beta. The beta is only for those located within Japan and the United States but you may want to keep an eye on your inbox for a code. Regardless, even with the code, the beta does not start apparently until Wednesday. So even if you didn’t get in the beta, we’re bound to get a game reveal with gameplay footage within the next day or two.

We’ll, of course, keep you updated on the very latest right here on Gameranx but for now, we suggest keeping tabs on your inbox if you entered an application to partake in the beta.

Source: My Nintendo News, Resetera