Mario Kart Tour Mobile Game Closed Beta Announced

Nintendo has recently taken to the mobile market in a big way. Instead of focusing online on their mobile dedicated handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS, the company decided to break into the smartphone and tablet market. With it, we got video games such as the highly popular Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run, and of course their latest release, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It’s with these games, among others, that have put Nintendo on the map for smartphone applications and it looks like we have more to come. One of the IPs that was previously stated to come out for the mobile market only for it to get delayed is Mario Kart.

Mario Kart has been around for decades and it’s still going strong today. However, we’re soon going to receive a mobile version of the game known as Mario Kart Tour. Unfortunately, Nintendo has been pretty tightlipped about what we can expect from the game. It’s only known to have in-app purchases but the rest is unknown. So as it stands, we don’t know what stages, characters or even how the game mechanics will work.

That will soon change as Nintendo announced a closed beta for the application. Apparently, Nintendo will allow select Android devices, it doesn’t state exactly which make the cut. Likewise, this beta will run from May 22 through June 4. The dates are susceptible to being changed without prior notice. Likewise, within the application beta, it appears that gamers won’t have access to in-app purchases, so it’s unknown if we’ll get a peek as to what players will be able to purchase when the game launches.

At any rate, if you’re looking to jump into the closed beta then you will have to fill out the form which you can gain access to from the source below. You have up until May 7, 2019, to sign up for the closed beta.

Source: Nintendo