The Division 2: How To Fully Upgrade The Crafting Bench | Printer Filament Guide

It won’t take too long for you to unlock the crafting table in The Division 2 — the table is located to the left of the main entrance, in the White House Base of Operations. Once you’ve got the workshop up-and-running, you can begin crafting weapons, mods, armor and more useful stuff.

To unlock better crafting recipes, you’re going to need to upgrade the table. It’s the top choice on the menu. It’s impossible to craft those shiny Exotic blueprints until you’ve fully upgraded the table, and to fully upgrade the table, you’re going to need a rare material called Printer Filament.

When I first played The Division 2, the game was actually bugged, making it totally impossible to acquire Printer Filament. Printer Filament comes from skill mods — and when I was fighting my way up to Level 30, it was literally impossible to select any of the skill mods in the menu. The menu was literally broken for weeks. After the latest patch and with the introduction of World Tier 5, this bug appears to be fixed.

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How To Fully Upgrade The Crafting Bench | Printer Filament Guide

The Crafting Bench is located in the lower floor of the White House Base of Operations. You can use it to construct blueprints you’ve found, and upgrading the bench gives you access to higher quality blueprints. When it is fully upgraded, you’ll be able to construct Exotic Blueprints.

The rarest material for upgrading the Crafting Bench is Printer Filament. To get everything else you need, breaking down guns and gear (armor) should be plenty. You’ll quickly fill your material inventory by dismantling junk guns and gear.

The tricky part is finding Printer Filament. You’ll need a lot of Printer Filament to fully upgrade the crafting bench.

  • How To Get Printer Filament: Dismantle Skill Mods. Printer Filament is dropped by dismantling Skill Mods at any level. The higher quality, the more Printer Filament you’ll get.

Skill mods are pretty rare, but there’s an easy way to get plenty of them. You can purchase three random skill mods from the Base of Operations vendor — just keep purchasing these random Skill Mods and dismantling them to get all the Printer Filament you need.

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