The Division 2: How To Unlock Every Keychain Accessory | Secret Customization Guide

To unlock the extremely hard-to-find customization keychains in The Division 2, you’ll have to look in secret places and complete undocumented challenges. You’ve probably earned a few just from finishing the game, and there might be keyc

hains waiting for you in new areas of upgraded settlements. Some keychains are pre-order bonuses, but most of them can be found (or earned) in the game’s post-pandemic Washington D.C.

Many of the keychains require you to search everywhere in the environment. They aren’t always pointed out — you’ll need to loot specific spots to get these rewards. For example, you can get a tiny Lincoln keychain at the Lincoln Memorial, or a spaceship at the Air and Space Museum. One of the keychains is earned by completing your collection of secret boss Hunter masks — while others require you to explore the Dark Zones and fight disavowed agents.

We were able to find a handful of these keychains ourselves, but many were discovered by u/tmatos2001 on Reddit. All credits for these discoveries goes to them!

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How To Unlock Every Keychain Accessory | Secret Customization Guide

Keychains are unique customization options you can unlock or find in the environment. Here’s a full list of all the (current) keychains in the game, and how to unlock them.

2 Chess Pieces: Take control of all the Control Points on World-Tier 4 at the same time.

Armpatch and Dogtags: Capitol Hill Stronghold – Drops from the final True Sons boss.

Blood Vial: Roosevelt Island Stronghold – Look for a lootable dresser before hopping down into the underground tunnel.

Capitol Building: Earned for completing activities in the Open Beta.

Conflict Symbol: Unlock Maximum Level in Conflict.

DC Flag: Unlock Commendation Tier 5.

East DZ: Earn disavowed agent kills in East DZ.

Gavel: Earned for completing the main mission where you rescue and return the President.

Gold Bar: Treasury Mission – When you enter the vault itself, search the deposit boxes to get this keychain.

Hunter’s Axe: Kill all the secret Hunter bosses and collect their 8 Ivory Keys. Use the keys to open the Ivory Chest in the White House. You’ll get this keychain, a unique shader, and an Exotic weapon.

Ice Hockey Player: District Union Arena Stronghold – Drops from the final Hyenas boss.

Lincoln Bust: Lincoln Memorial Mission – Loot the containers in the giftshop area under the memorial.

Plushie Flower: Campus Settlement – Upgrade to Settlement Level 2, and you’ll find the flower in a container, in the new area above the Stage.

Plushie Hippo: Theater Settlement – Upgrade to Settlement Level 2, and explore the new area above the leader’s room. Open the box to get the keychain.

Rogue Coin: Randomly earned for entering the special Rogue Agent Safe House in DZ, or by accessing Rogue Agent terminals.

Skeleton: DCD Headquarters Mission – Down the elevator, you’ll enter a morgue and explore the lower floors. Ahead, look for a model human skeleton and loot it.

Space Shuttle: Air and Space Museum – Look for the area with the crashed space shuttle. Near the tail of the shuttle, there’s a lootable shelf with this keychain.

South DZ: Earn disavowed agent kills in South DZ.

Supply Crate: Play Dark Zone East in the Open Beta.

Teddy Bear: Pre-order bonus for all versions of the game on PC.

Traffic Cone: Complete all Contaminated Zones.

US Flag: Reward for earning maximum Shield Tier in The Division 1.

West DZ: Earn disavowed agent kills in West DZ.

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