The Division 2: How To Craft Your First (And Easiest) Exotic | ‘Taste of the Exotic’ Guide

We’re all hungry for Exotics. These special weapons are some of the best in the game, and include some of the most useful traits in The Division 2.

When you finally complete the campaign, you won’t find any Exotics — seriously, you don’t get any. You’ll have to earn every single Exotic, but one of the earliest available Exotics isn’t too hard to unlock yourself, even if you’re struggling to complete the new World Tier 1 Invaded Missions.

Here, I’m going to break down how to craft the Exotic Deagle called ‘Kendra’s Liberty’. You’ll get your first Exotic Component from the Capitol Hill Stronghold — after that, you just need to complete a few more tasks.

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 How To Craft Your First (And Easiest) Exotic | ‘Taste of the Exotic’ Guide

The first (and easiest) exotic you can earn in The Division 2 is the Kendra’s Liberty D50 pistol. To unlock the blueprint for crafting, you’ll need to finish up four steps.

  1. Complete the Capitol Hill Stronghold and initiate World Tier 1.
  2. Complete the following missions on Hard Difficulty:
    • Viewpoint Museum
    • American History Museum
    • Space Administration HQ
  3. Collect the materials required for crafting — including a D50 pistol.
  4. Craft!

It’s important to find (and keep) a High-End D50 pistol to craft the Exotic. Look in vendor stores or find it anywhere in the game — it can take awhile to randomly discover one, so don’t sell / discard any D50s you find. Check out the full list of crafting material requirements here.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Crafting Bench in the Base of Operations. Select the top option and hold [Square / X] to upgrade the Crafting Bench. After two upgrades, you’ll be able to craft High-End / Exotic items.

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