The Division 2: Best Method To Grind Endgame Loot & Blueprints | GS 450 Farming Guide

Dark Zones are what make The Division 2 unique. These free-for-all zones pit you against conniving players and deadly AI enemies to get amazing loot. But, they’re also completely optional — even if you’re far into the endgame, you never need to grind Dark Zone loot to become stronger. There are better ways. The best possible way is actually incredibly straightforward and simple. I’ll explain everything you need to know in the guide below.

At the end of The Division 2, Washington D.C. is invaded by a high-difficulty faction called Black Tusk. These high-tech mercenaries appear in unique ‘Invaded’ missions, and take over all three previous Strongholds you’ve cleared. You’ll have to beat each Invaded Mission and clear out the Strongholds again in altered missions. After each Stronghold, the World Tier will increase by one — up to World Tier 4.

This guide is all about grinding once you reach World Tier 4. You can still follow the basics at any World Tier, but it is most effective at the highest (current) World Tier. You’ll get the most rewards at this stage in the game. So complete all four Strongholds, and then start grinding for the best possible gear.

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Best Method To Grind Endgame Loot & Blueprints | GS 450 Farming Guide

Before you can begin grinding, you’ll want to reach World Tier 4. World Tiers are only available in the endgame. To increase a World Tier, you need to complete two Invaded Missions connected to an Invaded Stronghold, then complete the Invaded Stronghold. At each World Tier, you’ll fight tougher enemies but also earn better rewards.

Why are Dark Zones essentially useless for grinding at World Tier 4? Because you can get everything you need solo. 

At World Tier 4, the best way to grind for gear, weapons, and blueprints is by clearing Alert Level 3 Control Points. You can do this solo. For each Control Point you clear, you’ll earn a blueprint,

  • Completing WT4 Control Points will unlock a Blueprint EVERY TIME. Incredibly useful to unlock the most powerful weapon / gear mods.

Completing Control Points will get you loot from the crates, but the Blueprints drop from the large containers in the Supply Rooms. Don’t miss those.

It isn’t just a good way to get blueprints and other loot, you’ll also earn tons of XP for Proficiency Caches and Specialization Points, which can be used to permanently upgrade your character. The loot drops are(generally) better, you’ll earn more of it, more XP, and won’t waste time. You can play with friends or do it solo and call in reinforcements.

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