The Division 2: Where To Find All 5 Hidden Side Missions | Secrets Guide

Can’t find all the side missions in The Division 2? There are exactly five side missions that are incredibly easy to miss — instead of appearing in the settlements like every other time, these special side missions can be acquired by talking to quest-givers in special hidden spots. One of these missions we’ve already discussed in another guide, but there are four others you might be missing.

If you’re not sure what missions you’ve completed so far, there’s an easy way to check the status. Open the ‘Progression’ menu and you’ll be able to check your ‘Side Missions’ progression. Without completing those last five, you’ll be stuck at around 85% completion. To fill that bar up to 100% and earn a ton of extra XP, check out the locations (and map!) below.

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Where To Find All 5 Hidden Side Missions | Secrets Guide

Check the orange ‘house’ icons to find these side missions.

There are five missable, ‘secret’ side missions that are only available by talking to quest-givers in the open-world. These quests do not appear in settlements, so you can easily miss them if you aren’t looking in the right spots.

Navy Hill Transmission: Foggy Bottom – Southeast of the Navy Hill Control Point, between the control point and the Foggy Bottom Safe House. Take the hill up from 23 St NW and enter the building at 1556 ST.

Missing Scavengers: Constitution Hall – Go to the Archive Safe House. Search for an alley on 19th ST NW that leads to the quest-giver.

Missing Wire Scavengers: Judiciary Square – From DZ East, follow the road north along the wall. Find a large structure at 4th / 5th ST NW and enter the ‘American Food Store’ shop. Take the zipline up inside, and climb the ladder to find these quest-giver.

Missing Curators: East Mall – Just east of the Castle Settlement. Find them on Independence Ave SW.

Garage Stash: West End – Found in a basement, off of K ST NW. Go down the alley and enter the house on the left, then enter the underground to find the quest-giver.

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