Pokemon GO: How To Change Teams | Team Medallion Guide

Trainers are no longer locked into their chosen team in Pokémon GO. At Level 5, players get to pick one of three teams — Team Mystic, Team Instinct, and Team Valor. These teams battle for supremacy (and bragging rights) across the globe, and before February 26th, it was completely impossible to switch teams and retain your account. You’d have to start from scratch to change teams.

Now there’s an item you can acquire to change teams in Pokémon GO. The Team Medallion allows your trainer to safely switch and begin battling in the name of a whole different team. Pick wisely, because you can only switch teams once per year. After purchasing a Team Medallion, you’ll have to wait a full 365 days before you can purchase another one. Don’t slip up and select a team you don’t actually want to join!

How To Change Teams | Team Medallion Guide

To change teams in Pokémon GO, you’ll need to acquire a Team Medallion.

  • Purchase a Team Medallion from the shop for 1,000 PokeCoins.
    • You can only change teams once every 365 days.
    • The Team Medallion will appear in your bag after purchase.
  • Use the Team Medallion from your inventory, and you’ll return to the Team Selection screen.

There are a few more details you should know about this handy device. Once you change teams, you won’t be able to fight your own Pokémon — any Pokémon defending a Gym will be returned to you when you visit that gym. If your Pokémon are defeated, they’ll also be sent back to you. You won’t earn any PokeCoins from Pokémon defending a faction you’re no longer a part of, so it might be a good idea to recollect your Pokémon and grab all the coin rewards before changing teams.

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