Pokemon Go Will Soon Include Fourth Generation Pokemon

One of the biggest video game applications to date released in 2016 in which developers Niantic released Pokemon Go into the world. This was a brand new Pokemon video game where players could freely explore their own backyard and other locations all around the world in search for Pokemon to capture. Through the use of GPS and your camera, players could find virtual Pokemon around their area where they can attempt to capture them for collection purposes and battle.

This game blew up and everyone from old to young was out with their smartphones in an attempt to collect them all once again. At first, the game only featured the original generation of Pokemon with developers slowly adding new generations over time. Since its release, we have three generation of Pokemon to collect and we’ll soon get to add another generation in the near future. Developers are gearing up to add the fourth generation of Pokemon found from Diamond and Pearl along with making some adjustments to the overall game.

For instance, we will find that weather will soon play less of an effect on the Pokemon rate and there will soon feature a new variety Pokemon in different areas such as nature reserves. The Pokemon will also see a few adjustments in terms of HP and CP values which Niantic is hoping to rebalance the game battle mechanics.

We’re still waiting for new details regarding the fourth generation of Pokemon as well. Currently, it doesn’t appear just when the game will start to see the addition of the fourth generation of Pokemon but in the meantime, you can check out the new trailer for the game posted right above.


[Source: Game Informer; Pokemon]