Pokemon GO: All The Best Secrets & Easter Eggs You Can Check Out Right Now | Updated List

Pokémon GO keeps chugging along with constant updates and new Pokedex additions — so it’s about time we revisited the huge mobile hit. If you’re returning, or just exploring some of our old features on Pokémon GO, then you might want to read up on a handful of fun Easter eggs you can take advantage of right now. Some of these Easter eggs are actually pretty handy. Some of them are just fun, and others make certain evolutions very convenient.

While the Easter eggs haven’t changed too much, there have been some additions to the old formula. We covered Eeveelutions on this site, but we haven’t covered how all the new Gen 2+ Eevee evolutions work. On top of all that, you can earn a Pikachu start, or get a Pikachu companion — and we’ll offer a quick explanation, sharing how to actually catch one of those rare Dittos. Get all the secret tidbits below.

Secrets & Easter Eggs | Pikachu Starter, Eeveelutions, Buddy & More

Pokémon GO is a free augmented reality Pokémon game available on iOS and Android mobile smart devices. It’s also full of little secrets. Here are all the secrets fans have found so far.

  • Double Pokestop Rewards:
    • Spinning 10 different Pokestop locations within 10 minutes of each spin will result in a Pokestop Reward Bonus. You’ll earn 100 XP (normally 50 XP) and more items than usual.
    • The Pokestops must be unique. You can’t spin the same Pokestop twice.
  • Get Pikachu As A Starter:
    • At the start of the game, you’ll be given the chance to catch one of three starter Pokémon. Instead of catching Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander you can catch a Pikachu.
    • To catch Pikachu, leave when Squirtle / Bulbasaur / Charmander appear. Walk away, and you’ll eventually make a Pikachu show up.
  • Take Pikachu For A Ride:
    • The buddy system allows you to walk with your Pokémon and earn special bonuses. Pikachu has a different kind of bonus — he can ride on you.
    • Make Pikachu your Buddy and walk a long distance to earn 10 candies. Once you’ve earned 10 candies (usually about 1 candy per 1km) Pikachu will ride on your trainer’s shoulder instead of walking alongside you.
  • Easy Eevee Evolutions Trick:
    • By giving Eevee a unique name, you can force your Eevee to evolve into one of several unique evolution forms. Name it one of the following to get the matching evolution.
      • Rainer (Vaporeon)
      • Sparky (Jolteon)
      • Pyro (Flareon)
      • Tamao (Umbreon)
      • Sakura (Espeon)
    • This trick will only work once. After using this trick once, all future Eevee will randomly evolve.
  • How To Evolve Espeon / Umbreon:
    • Espeon / Umbreon are unique Eevee evolutions that are dependent on the time of day instead of any other random factor. To get Espeon, evolve during the day. To get Umbreon, evolve during the night.
    • You must also make the Eevee your buddy and earn at least 2 candies before the evolution.
  • Catching Ditto:
    • The most elusive Pokémon is Ditto. This shape-changer takes the form of other Pokémon, and there’s no easy way to detect it. It will take the form of a random Pokémon — after catching the disguised Pokémon, the Ditto will reveal itself.
    • Ditto is confirmed to appear as the following Pokémon: Magikarp, Zubat, Rattata, Pidgey, Yanma, Hoothoot, and Sentret.

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