Resident Evil 2 Remake: Leon A-Scenario Walkthrough | Laboratory [4/4]

Put an end to the nightmare and escape Racoon City with this final part for Leon’s first run in the Resident Evil 2 remake. In this part, Leon has finally arrived in Umbrella’s massive underground laboratory, and there are a few frightening monsters waiting for you. Contend with zombies and poison-spitting, insta-killing plant monsters in the facility, as Leon slowly works his way toward the final G-Virus sample.

There are two massive bosses waiting for Leon at the end of the game. Depending on which character you play, you’ll see a different final boss, with a slightly different storyline that branches off at some points. Leon has to deal with the mysterious secret agent Ada — and you’ll face Birkin one last time. Both fights are tough, so be sure to stock up on plenty of ammo and healing items. The lab is full of stuff, just waiting to be pillaged.

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Leon A-Scenario Walkthrough | Laboratory [4/4]


This is a quick speedrun guide — breaking down only the most important info you need to complete each section of the game, in the shortest and most efficient way possible.

  • Welcome to Umbrella’s NEST laboratory. The goal of this area is to reach the laboratory where the G-Virus is stored. To do that, you’ll need to upgrade your security clearance bracelet.
    • Go to the [Security Room] and collect the [North Section Map].
  • To leave the [North Section], go to the [Cafeteria] and climb into the vent to reach the [Kitchen]. From there, you can access the [Nap Room]. Collect the [Electronic Chip] from the corpse hand, and insert it into the [ID Wristband].
    • Don’t miss the [Flamethrower Upgrade] in the locker.
  • You can now leave the [North Section] and interact with the control panels to raise the bridges to the [East Section].
  • To access the [West Section], you’ll need a [Senior Staff Chip]. It is located in the [Greenhouse].
    • To get it the chip, go to [Greenhouse Control Room] and collect the [Dispersal Cartridge].
    • Use the control panel to unlock a hatch and a machine.
      • Code #1: 3-1-2-3
      • Code #2: 2-0-6-7
  • Go down the hatch in the [Greenhouse] and down, then back up the stairs to get the [Signal Modulator] in the room connected to the [Lobby].
    • To solve [Signal Modulator] puzzles, look at the power panel for a label. Examine the device, switch to the matching label, then match the signals.
    • Restore power in the [Lounge] with the [Signal Modulator].
  • Use the [Dispersal Cartridge] in the [Drug Testing Lab] and solve the puzzle.
    • To place the exact right amount of fluid in the tube, follow these exact button presses:
      • Red -> Green -> Blue -> Red -> Green -> Blue -> Red -> Green
  • Take the complete [Dispersal Cartridge (Solution)] down to the [Low-Temp Testing Lab] and freeze the solution. Now, you can finally take the complete poison up to the [Greenhouse Control Room] and kill Plant 43.
    • Collect the [Senior Staff] chip and combine it. Now you can access the [West Area].
  • Go back to the [Nap Room] with the [Signal Modulator] to get the final [Hip Pouch].
  • The [West Area] is safe. Once you collect the [G-Virus Sample], you’ll enter the end-game. Be prepared to fight two bosses in a row.
  • During Leon’s Final Boss, if you survive until 1:30, Ada will throw the Rocket Launcher, whether you’ve damaged the final boss or not.

Complete Leon A-Scenario, and you’ll unlock Claire B-Scenario. Both scenarios are very similar, but we’ll give a quick rundown of everything you need to know to complete it.