Resident Evil 2 Remake: Leon A-Scenario Walkthrough | RPD Revisited [2/4]

We’re not done with the Police Station just yet. There’s still another lengthy step Leon will have to take before he can escape — and a truly terrifying creature shows itself during this chapter of Resident Evil 2 remake.

This is the second, and final, part of your adventures in the RPD. You can still return later, but you’ll (mostly) be able to get everything you need right here. In this low-spoilers guide, I’ll explain how to complete every step of the grand puzzle, and reveal where to get all the weapon upgrades, guns, and inventory pouches you’ll need to survive.

Don’t miss Part 1 of our Low-Spoilers guide right here, showing you how to navigate the biggest (and arguably most complicated) section of the game.

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Leon A-Scenario Walkthrough | RPD Revisited [2/4]


This is a quick speedrun guide — breaking down only the most important info you need to complete each section of the game, in the shortest and most efficient way possible.

  • Leaving the Underground Facility, Leon will appear in the [Parking Garage]. Use the terminal near the gate.
    • Go through the [Kennel] and enter the [Morgue]. Open the back-left drawers and collect the [Diamond Key].
  • Go to the [Firing Range] and collect the [Yellow Box]. Open it, and use the [Car Key] to unlock the trunk of a police car in the [Parking Garage] — you’ll need to examine the key and use it near the car. You’ll find the [Stock] upgrade part for Leon’s pistol.
  • Go to the [Jail] and talk to Ben to get your next objective — you need to unlock Ben’s Cell with two lost [Electronic Parts].
    • The first [Electronic Part] is located in the [Generator Room].
    • The second [Electronic Part] is in the [Clock Tower].
  • Collect the [Crank Tool] on the desk in the [Jail].
    • Go back through the [Kennel] and use the [Crank Tool] to access the [Generator Room]. Solve the puzzle by flipping switches [#3, #4] to restore power.
  • The door to the main Police Station is now open. Go upstairs to the [Break Room] to save / store items. Collect the [Electric Part] inside and use it on the Fuse Box to unlock the [Watchman’s Room].
    • Go upstairs through the [Waiting Room] and use the [Crank Tool] to open the stairwell.
  • Go downstairs to the [Observation Room] and get the [Ornate Box]. Place the [Red Gem] to get the [STARS Badge]. Examine the [STARS Badge] to reveal the USB. Go to the [STARS Office] to unlock the [Armory] and get the [Lightning Hawk Magnum].
    • Go to the [Linen Room] to get the second [Portable Safe]. Unlock it to get the last [Spare Part], which will get you a [Hip Pouch].
  • Collect the [Large Gear] from the [3F East Storage Room].
  • Go to the [3F Balcony] and climb down. Below, go to the [Boiler Room] and collect the [Club Key].
    • Turn the valve near the [Boiler Room], then go back and use the water valve at the crashed helicopter. The water will put out the fire.
  • You’ll now be chased constantly. You cannot kill your opponent. Use grenades / flash bangs to stun him, or shoot him. You can also lose him and walk — if you walk, he will not be able to easily locate you.
  • Use the [Club Key] to enter the [F1 Operations Room] and collect the [Tool].
    • Use the [Tool] in the [F2 Library] to release the lock and move the shelves to create a bridge.
  • Go to [F3 Library], then to the [Clocktower].
    • Place the [Large Gear] into the gearworks to lower the walkway, then recollect it. Go upstairs and collect the [Small Gear].
    • Place the [Large Gear] upstairs, and the [Small Gear] in the gearworks behind the bell, below.
  • Collect the second [Electronic Parts] and return to the [B1 Jail].
    • Open both boxes and place the [Electronic Parts] onto the puzzle. Simply turn the dials until the power is restored — work your way backwards to make the solution much easier.
  • Collect the [Parking Garage Key Card] and use it on the shutter. Follow Ada to the [Sewers].
    • Don’t miss the [Long Barrel] upgrade for the Shotgun in the gunstore.
  • Down below, you’ll encounter a boss. While running away, avoid the trash and the monster’s bite. When it snaps on the gas line, one bullet is all you need.