Report: Nintendo Currently Working on Smaller and Cheaper Version of Switch, Possibly Releasing in 2019

A new report from Nikkei suggests that Nintendo is currently working on a smaller, more “portable” version of the Nintendo Switch, which is set to release as early as this year.

The report has been translated through Gematsu and it gives readers a good insight of what the report is all about. Rumors have been floating around the internet for the past year or so that Nintendo was working on a “Switch Pro” or “X” version, but it seems that they actually were.


However, instead of upgrading the system, it seems that Nintendo is going to cut back on some features, and make it a tad smaller so the price is more affordable. This isn’t that crazy for the company to do, they have done it countless times in the past for their consoles – -3DS, 2DS, DS; there is so much variation between the consoles, especially their handheld ones.

At this time of writing, we do not know how much they would sell this upgraded Switch for, and what specific features would be cut. But for those who would want to get their hands on a Switch without paying the price tag of $300, this new system will probably be your best bet.

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Source: Gamasutra