Resident Evil 2 Remake: Leon A-Scenario Walkthrough | The Sewers [3/4]

We’re leaving the Police Station behind, and moving into the dirty, disgusting sewers below in Part 3 of our low-spoilers Resident Evil 2 remake walkthrough. This guide is all about explaining, in the simplest possible terms, how to complete the game without giving too much away. If you ever find yourself lost and unsure how to proceed, just browse through the steps below to find your way. Each area only has one essential objective, and the Sewers is no different — instead of medallions or electric parts, you’ll need to locate all the chess piece plugs.

The Sewers has been expanded. No longer just a small transition zone, it’s now a large area with its own unique enemies. There’s one terrifying opponent here that I really don’t want to spoil — and there’s a challenging boss fight. You’ll find all our boss tips in the guide bank below, because we’re just focusing on the most essential steps to complete your quest and escape the city.

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Leon A-Scenario Walkthrough | The Sewers [3/4]


This is a quick speedrun guide — breaking down only the most important info you need to complete each section of the game, in the shortest and most efficient way possible.

  • The goal of The Sewers is to find all six Chess Plugs and unlock the door in the [Monitor Room].
    • Input the code [2-12-8] into the safe in the [Treatment Pool Room] to get the [Shotgun Stock] upgrade.
    • Collect the [T-Bar Crank] from the [Cable Car Platform].
  • Go downstairs from the [Treatment Pool Room] and go left. Use the [T-Bar Crank] to find the [Maintenance Key] before the [Bottom Waterway].
  • Travel through the [Bottom Waterway] and reach the [Supplies Storage Room].
    • The [Queen Plug] and [King Plug] are located here. You only need one more [Plug].
    • The [Chemical Flamethrower] is also located here.
  • Go to the [Lower Waterway] and use the [T-Bar Crank] to enter the [Workroom Lift].
    • Collect the [Hip Pouch] in the [Workroom].
    • Collect the [Hiding Place Film Roll] here too.
  • Use the [Maintenance Key] to unlock the [Workers’ Break Room].
    • There’s a secret path that leads back to the Underground Facility. Push the metal shelf to reveal the hidden elevator.
    • Now you can finally go back and input the [STARS Badge] into the Special Weapons Locker at the bottom of the Underground Facility stairwell.
    • The [Maintenance Key] also unlocks the [Water Injection Chamber]. Go there for a [Large Gunpowder] and [High Quality Gunpowder].
  • With the [T-Bar Crank], you’ll be able to return to the Police Station from the Underground Facility. The only reason to go back to the Police Station is to solve the “Hidden Places” Film Roll.
    • Go to the [Dark Room] to process the pictures, then go to Wesker’s Desk in the [STARS Office] to get a [Magnum Upgrade].
  • Grab the [Rook Plug] before returning to the [Monitor Room]. You now have all six plugs.
  • To solve the [Monitor Room] puzzle, place the plugs in this order.
    • Left Side: Bishop, Rook, Knight
    • Right Side: King, Queen, Pawn
  • Go to the [Main Power Room] and flip switches [#1, #3, #4] to restore power.
    • Be prepared for a boss fight!
  • ¬†When the boss fight is over, go to the [Garbage Room], then travel to the [Train Car Platform]. When you activate the train, you won’t be able to go back to the Police Station. Finish up any last-minute business you have.