La-Mulana 2: How To Grind For Gold | Easier & Faster Cash Farming

Gold is a pretty important resource in La-Mulana 2. You’ll need it to purchase extra sub-weapons and those all-important weights, and you’ll find it everywhere you go. Money drops out of pots and enemies, and most of the time you won’t need any extra. That is, until you get later in the game and find a few puzzle-required items that are incredibly expensive.

If you want to ease your burdens and make gold farming a little easier, here’s a few tips to speed up your process. It’s all about finding a Treasure Fairy to boost your cash drops, then finding the right area to farm. Unfortunately, the Treasure Fairy doesn’t seem to drop extra coins on high-value pots that normally drop 100 coins. Doesn’t matter, because using this method you can earn 500 gold in just a handful of minutes. That’s enough to buy the powerful revolver! (The revolver is really good, and has extremely limited ammo.)

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How To Grind For Gold | Easier & Faster Cash Farming


Before we get started, you’ll need to get the Money Fairy. The Money Fairy (or Treasure Fairy) is found in the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum [B-6] — you’ll need the Gale Fibula and Claw to sprint under the crushers and cling to the wall. Enter the door and talk to the Fairy Guild to purchase the Money Fairy for 300 gold.

After that, you’ll be able to summon a Fairy. Fairies are helpful creatures that fly near you and give you bonus effects. Each fairy gives a different bonus, and you’ll find them in Fairy Lights. Using the Fairy Lights (that appear randomly in Eg-Lana) will summon fairies. Find an easy spot you can return to often if you’re planning on farming.

  • NOTE: Or, you can use a combination of apps to summon fairies.
    • Equip Miracle Witch + Space Capstar II = Treasure Fairy

The Treasure Fairy, when summoned, will make more coins drop from enemies and pots. It won’t increase the amount of coins that drop from pots that have a set number of coins that drop every time.

  • Money Farming Method:
    • Go to the Icefire Treetop (with the Money Fairy equipped)
    • From the Grail, travel right and down to find a long line of pots. Smash them, defeat the enemies, then leave the screen and go back.
      • Breaking all the pots and killing all the enemies in this room will give you about 500 gold per visit.
    • Rinse and repeat until your Treasure Fairy goes away. When that happens, re-summon the fairy from the previous spot (it will reappear if you quit the game) and return to the Icefire Treetop farming area.

So, why are we farming cash? There are a few reasons you’ll need it. The Harp is ultra expensive, but so are extra revolver bullets. The revolver is useful for the entire game, so I recommend picking it up and using it if you’re struggling to defeat a tough Guardian or Sub-Boss.

There’s a puzzle later on that involves having NO money in your inventory, so don’t farm money unless you plan on spending it. There’s no reason to keep a huge bank of cash on your character. Only farm when necessary — that way, you’ll be able to easily unload whatever remaining cash you’ve got to solve the fairyman’s puzzle.