Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes – How To Upgrade The Solstice Armor Faster | Summer Event Tips Guide

The Summer Solstice Event is going on right now, and you can claim a new set of 400 Power armor in Destiny 2. This set of armor is unique — it starts out weak, but the more steps you accomplish, the stronger this armor set will become. Starting off green, you can push the armor up into the blues, then legendary purples.

The Solstice of Heroes is all about reliving past experiences. You’ll be able to replay multiple “redux” version of story missions that are way, way harder this time around. You’ll also be able to start collecting a new resource called orbs — orbs give you a temporary boost of power while you’re wearing the full Solstice armor set, and drop depending on the type of elemental power you defeat enemies with. Like everything else, it’s random, but there are ways to speed up farming and collect everything you need. Get our tips in the full text guide below.

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How To Upgrade The Solstice Armor Faster | Summer Event Tips Guide


To claim your Solstice Armor and begin upgrading, you’ll first need to start the Solstice of Heroes Quest on the Tower. You’ll begin with a “Homecoming” redux mission, and relive past battles to upgrade your armor.

  • The Solstice Armor starts as common green gear — but it can be upgraded. It goes to rare blue, then legendary purple. Once legendary, the armor set has a Power Level of 400 — that makes it really, really valuable.

Hold [Square / X] to “Reflect on the Past” at the Solstice of Heroes statue in the Tower. That will begin your quest, and reward you with the lowest tier of the special Solstice armor set. You’ll transport to a city street — run down to find Ikora and use the terminal to begin the “Homecoming” mission. These are special, hard difficulty versions of old story missions.

After completing the mission, claim your reward from the Solstice of Heroes statue. You’ll get five parts — and each one has unique missions you need to complete to upgrade. Here’s a quick example rundown.

  • How To Upgrade Scorched Solstice Armor…
    • Solstice Mask (Scorched): Complete the Spark Redux Mission, collect Solar orbs on Earch, and defeat 10 Guardians in the Crucible.
    • Solstice Grasps (Scorched): Complete the Homecoming Redux Mission, collect Arc orbs, and complete a meditation for Ikora.
    • Solstice Vest (Scorched): Complete the Chosen Redux mission, collect Arc orbs in Strikes, and complete 10 Heroic public events.
    • Solstice Strikes (Scorched): Complete the 1AU Redux mission, collect Void orbs, and defeat minibosses.
    • Solstice Cloak (Scorched): Complete the Payback Redux mission, get Super kills in the Crucible, and complete 10 patrols.

This is just an example — there are different sets for each class. But, your tasks are essentially the same.

Part 1: Redux Missions

The first part of upgrading all five parts is pretty self-explanatory. You need to complete five redux missions in the tower. You can find the access terminals all over the tower — complete all five to check them off your list.

They’re harder versions with tougher enemies, but if you’ve kept up with your Power Level and played both expansions, you should be able to solo these.

Part 2: Collecting Orbs

  • WARNING: To collect orbs, you need to be wearing the full set of Solstice armor. Yes, even if it’s far below your power level.

Elemental Orbs are a new addition to Destiny 2, and they’re unique to the Solstice of Heroes event. Collecting them is very straightforward — kill enemies with a specific element, and there’s a chance they’ll drop orbs.

Solar / Arc / Void orbs will drop, so make sure you bring a couple different weapons in your inventory so you’re always defeating enemies and collecting orbs. You can collect these while completing redux missions, playing strikes, or finishing patrols.

To speed up the orb-collecting progress, join a Fire Team and split up duties — each Guardian can use a different element, so you’ll produce all three types of orbs at the same time. Make sure to collect them!

  • Check your armor for specifics — some armor requires that you collect orbs in specific events or locations. For example, my Solstice Vest requires orbs to be collecting during strikes. Check the descriptions!

Yellow Tier enemies drop elemental orbs more often than standard enemies. Target them with your elemental weapons for a better chance at getting orbs to drop.

  • Orb Farming Tip:
    • If you need orbs and don’t have a specific event / location required, play through the “Payback” redux mission. Don’t use the tank. Just fight through with your fire team. Almost every other enemy is yellow, so you’ll get tons and tons of orbs.

Step #3: Crucible Kills

In the Crucible, you can ditch your full set of Solstice gear and just focus on getting 10 kills, and 10 super kills. This is pretty straightforward, and even if you’re not comfortable with the crucible, it shouldn’t take too long to unlock the first tier step for the Solstice armor.

Step #4: Everything Else

The rest of the challenges are fairly straightforward — you need to complete a meditation for Ikora, which you can start by talking to Ikora Rey in the tower. You’ll need to complete Heroic Public Events, which are very easy — most Public Events will become Heroic thanks to friendly players. Just log in and find areas where players are grouped, and you’ll have no problem there.

Complete 10 Patrols, and defeat minibosses. You can earn orbs while completing all of these extra events, so I recommend bringing all the weapons you need — for example, if you need to earn orbs on Earth, just play through Earth patrols. You can combine steps to earn rewards faster.

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