Destiny 2: How To Access A Secret Mission & Unlock Black Spindle Variant | Exotics Guide

Here’s something totally new — wide-eyed Destiny 2 players have found a secret mission you can access in the Lost Oasis area on Io. This bonus mission doesn’t just lead you into a secret area, it also unlocks a special variant of the Black Spindle Exotic. This is all extremely random, but you can hop in and give this stuff a try yourself. It seems to be totally new, too.

Finding the secret quest (and completing it) will earn you a Sniper Rifle called the ‘Whisper of the Worm’ — and it appears to be Taken themed. It’s all ethereal black, with a texture that’s pretty similar to the strange aura applied to the Taken faction of enemies.

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How To Access A Secret Mission & Unlock Black Spindle Variant

To get the Black Spindle Exotic variant, you’ll need to find and complete the secret mission — called “The Whisper” — on Io. Actually accessing this bonus mission is kind of complicated, so let’s break down the steps.

  • How To Start The Secret Mission | The Whisper
    • Go to Io, and enter the Lost Oasis area.
    • Wait for a Public Event to begin — specifically, the Taken Blight Public Event. Jump in when the event begins.
    • Watch for a named Taken Knight enemy to spawn. When it does, it will retreat into a nearby cave. Follow it into the cave and defeat it before it escapes.
    • A warp will appear after killing the Taken Knight. Enter it to access a secret Lost Sector.
    • In the Lost Sector, you’ll be able to access a hidden area that begins the mission.

Completing ‘The Whisper’ will unlock the ‘Whisper of the Worm’ — a strange black variant of the Black Spindle Sniper Rifle.

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