Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – How To Get The Sleeper Simulant Exotic | Secret Quest Guide

As if Bungie finally heard all the cries of the Destiny faithful, one of the long-lost favorites from the original game is making a return in the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC. The Sleeper Simulant is a powerful Linear Fusion Rifle, and it’s a natural fit for the remixed Power Weapon Slot.

The quest is a long one, but it’s worth it. Here, we’ll discuss all the steps you’ll need to take to get the Sleeper Simulant in your hands — it’s pretty straightforward, actually. Just about anyone can get this thing, but it does require a little bit of effort. Without enough grinding, even casual players can complete the semi-secret Exotic quest line. We’ll explain every step you need to take below.

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How To Get The Sleeper Simulant Exotic | Quest Guide


The Sleeper Simulant is now a Linear Fusion Rifle linked to your Guardian’s Power Weapon Slot. The killer Exotic can be obtained by anyone that owns the Warmind DLC — but you’ll have to work pretty hard to get it. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Complete the Warmind DLC story campaign.
  2. Return to Zavala, then talk to Ana Bray on Mars to begin her post-campaign quest-line.
  3. Complete both extra missions until you receive the IKELOS_S_v1.01 Hand Cannon.
    • This is a pretty good Energy Weapon, but it may be below your highest PL. You’ll have to use it if you want to get the Sleeper Simulant.
  4. Equip the IKELOS_S_v1.01 Hand Cannon and check your inventory. Under “Pursuits” you’ll find the Violent Intel stage of the Exotic Quest — you’ll need to kill Hive and Cabal with head shots, with the IKELOS_S_v1.01 equipped. You don’t need to actually use the Hand Cannon, just have it equipped and get headshots.
    • This is a very, very long step. I was able to get about 8% done by clearing out a few groups of Hive and Cabal. Settle in for some grinding. I recommend just keeping the pistol equipped as you complete adventures, patrols, strikes, or anything else. Don’t just grind for kills! Do other things and get kills while completing those activities.
  5. Get 100% on Hive and Cabal, and you’ll begin Step #2: Rasputin’s Culling. This time, you’ll need to kill “Powerful Enemies” with the IKELOS_S_v1.01 Hand Cannon equipped. Again, you only need to get kills with the pistol equipped.
    • Try the “Exodus Siege” adventure on Nessus. This adventure quest is full of yellow bar enemies.
    • You can also hunt multiple yellow bar enemies on Mars — look for couriers in the alleyways and large Hive under the bridge, near the Warsat Down public event.
    • Alternatively, try clearing out the start of the Leviathan Raid. Just do it over and over.
  6. The third step is Warmind’s Glory. This requires that you complete five Heroic Strikes, again with the IKELOS_S_v1.01 Hand Cannon in your inventory.
    • Unfortunately, Heroic Strikes are not PL 350 — you need to be at least PL 350, or these strikes will be incredibly difficult, even with a strong team.
  7. The fourth step requires that you hunt down Sleeper Nodes. Called “Nodes and Protocols“, you’ll need to open 15 Sleeper Nodes with the same Hand Cannon equipped.
    • Sleeper Nodes are the weird boxes that you’ve probably seen all over the map.
    • To open them, you’ll need to collect four Resonance Stems. These drop from any activities on Mars — random loot chests, boss kills, Public Events, Lost Sectors — everything has a chance to drop a Resonance Stem.
    • When you have four, you can create an Override Frequency. Check your inventory and look at the item, it will give you some more information you might need.
    • Unlock 15 Sleeper Nodes with 15 Override Frequencies (60 Resonance Stems total) with the Hand Cannon equipped to complete this step.
  8. Step #5 is all about Escalation Protocol. This tough mode has a PL 370 (or 380) requirement. Complete three rounds of Escalation Protocol — you can complete Round 1 three times — to finish.
    • If you’ve got enough PL, you’ll need to find Escalation Protocol nodes on Mars. There’s one in the square outside Ana Bray’s building, and another under the massive bridge in the southern zone.
    • Wait around, Mars is so popular right now, you’re bound to find Escalation Protocol events you can sit in on. Just take some potshots at enemies, and you’ll be able to reap the rewards.
  9. The final step, “Perfect Form” is really simple — just complete the “Will of the Thousands” Strike with the Hand Cannon equipped.
    • The strike is now PL 360 required, but that’s a lower requirement than other, previous steps.

Do all that, and the Sleeper Simulant will unlock. It’s a long, winding road, but this old favorite is a pretty good consolation prize for all the effort you had to put in. Soak it in, Guardian! You deserve it.

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